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Beinn Dearg from Glen Tilt - an old runner's tale!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 5:23 pm
by Nigel Hetherington
A beautiful July summer's morning to bag one of the more remote Munro's and keep my tally ticking along.
Though I actually claimed my first Munro over 30-years ago it's only in recent times that I decided to work slowly towards bagging all 282 summits.

So, I'll come clean, I am an over-60 runner, and have run many, many mountains, particularly in the Lake District, Wales and the Peak District over the years. The challenge I have recently set myself is to run all of the Munro's over the next 3-4 years, combining shorter classic walk routes, wherever possible, to make best use of my slightly faster traveling pace - I typically set myself the goal of achieving a given Walking Highland route in under half the guideline walking time! This does depend on terrain and weather and I'm not getting any younger!! I also don't rush along as I love to take in the solitude, the environment, take photographs and I am an avid nature lover so I'm always on the lookout for deer, hare, ptarmigan, eagle, colour changes with the seasons etc.

Make no mistake about it Beinn Dearg is a long haul from Glen Tilt car park - over 9-miles to the summit - mostly really good going underfoot though. I reached the summit in around 2hr 10min and, after a suitable elevenses stop and a few photos headed back down to complete the clockwise loop. A nice steady jog back to the car in just over 1hr 30min to complete a wonderfully tiring morning out!

Re: Beinn Dearg from Glen Tilt - an old runner's tale!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:05 am
by kevsbald
There's a real freedom in being able to run the hills - good luck with the objective.