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Driech and misty

PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 1:48 pm
by Coop
Rained most if the way round - tbh I was expecting it. No views today. I'll take the heron and 3 buzzards I saw today though
Didn't even notice black law. Wee steep descent and ascent up to white law.
Just one thing. If it is wet walk aong the road and go over the bridge, then through the gate/ over the fence

Just after the 1st large sheepfold there's a marker post and an old info sign.

The point ho leave the "path"

Head right at this point and start heading up till uou hit the fenceline. This fence will take you over Lousie Wood Law
Nothing to see here

and onto Dun law
A few stones just through the gate in the fenceline marks the summit

Folliewd the fenceline for a bit tge headed foen. Eventually it cleared and showed the route back. I crossed the stream just before that sheefold in the centre of the pic (skirted left of the sheepfold), and picked up a "path" heading back

This is one of the old Bastle's I believe ( its all explained on the noticeboard at the car park)