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Fannich 9

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 12:36 am
by robodob
Big walk planned. 9 of us started but most planned to do the first 4 and 3 of us would go on to do the full 9. We planned to tackle all 9, East to West and hoped for around 12 hours.

Weather report was good > very good visibility all day and no chance of rain.

We set off at 0615am, visibility was poor and the drizzle made everything wet very quickly.

The start is incredible boggy and very little path after a couple of km. Finally reaching loch Gorm you can start climbing out the bog. We left the rest of the team just before the summit of the second hill in a small walled compound. We would be tackling the next two in a different order anyway.

We stashes the bags in a small stone shelter between 3 and 4 so we could make best time. On our return we went in for some lunch and were later met by the rest of the team on the way to their last hill.

It wouldn't be until 4 munros were bagged that we would be able to see anything at all. But it offered a bit of a moral boost to see where we were going.

We ditched the bags again at the bottom of 5 and were up and back pretty quick. The climb to 6 is much steeper and pretty long. You pick up a path soon enough which makes things easier.

The drop from 7 to 8 goes down to almost 500m then there's a long tough slog back up to around 1000m. With that there was only one left, the weather by now much more reflective of the forecast made it quite pleasant.

A bit of tricky navigation and contouring round the spur to get off the hill but once you're on top of it the going is good. Approx 2.5km from the road there's a sharp descent, luckily we found the path.

Back to the car in around 13hrs 40mins.