When the wind is blowing in your face

Grahams: Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean

Date walked: 20/03/2022

Time taken: 5.75 hours

Distance: 19.2km

Ascent: 546m

We wanted to end our spring walking holidays on a high note, but it was still blowing a hoolie all over Scotland so a multi Munro bagging trip was out of question. Thankfully, we are resistant enough to cold and gusts of wind (as long as we can stand up and walk forward - just about :lol: ) so visiting a local Graham seemed a good idea for the last day of hols.

We had climbed Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean in 2017, but sadly, during our first visit we encountered heavy rain and low cloud so we always felt that we didn't do the true justice to this route. Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean can be combined with its twin Graham neighbour, Beinn nan Eun, but the connecting ground is wet and full of peat hags so we never fancied that option. Instead, we approached Beinn nan Eun from Glen Glass side using bikes and this is the way I recommend if you have enough time to spend two days bagging the Wyvis Grahams.

As for Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean, our route starts from near Inchbae Lodge, where there is a spot off A 835 to park a couple of cars on the northern side of the road. Then the approach follows Strath Rannoch along the river for about 5km to Strathrannoch Farm. From here, we traversed the hill from west to east, returning via Coire Rhainich:

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On the track in Strath Rannoch:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 002.JPG

The river and the lower top of Beinn a'Chaisteil on the horizon:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 003.JPG

The southern end of the ridge of Beinn a'Chaisteil and our target Graham (right) from near Strathrannoch Farm:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 015.JPG

Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean from Strathrannoch Farm:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 026.JPG

The track past the farm turns left; we abandoned it and followed a small path into Coire Rhainich:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 031.JPG

As soon as we left the safety of the glen and started to gain height, we were hit by the strong wind. Gusts probably up to 30mph. We managed to stay upright, but only just... :lol: :lol:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 044.JPG

About half way up, we took a short break behind a large rock, the only sheltered spot on the whole ridge:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 048.JPG

The Fannichs framing the view due west:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 047.JPG

Strathfarrar Munros and Strathconon Corbets in the distance:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 041.JPG

It is a straightforward slope of 400m to gain the summit:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 049.JPG

Ben Wyvis and Little Wyvis:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 054.JPG

The summit is marked with two cairns. We took photos by both of them, but the smaller one probably marks the highest spot:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 077.JPG
Likely the true summit

By the higher cairn with Wee Lucy:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 071.JPG

The twin tops of Carn Chuinneag, the local Corbett:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 065.JPG

Beinn nan Eun, another Graham, can be added to the walk, but we didn't fancy it today. It was too windy for long wanders amongst peat hags:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 064.JPG

To make a circular rather than retracing steps, we continued north for about 500m, dropping height as we walked, before turning west into Coire Rhainich. I was so glad that, despite the wind, we could enjoy lovely views to this open, remote landscape, including the blue waters of Loch nan Amhaichean:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 085.JPG

The gusts were so unpleasantly cold that we had to protect our faces, but it was a small price to pay for the pleasure of being up there...
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 091.JPG

Down in Coire Rhainich, we spied a wet atv track leading back to Strathrannoch Farm. I was so happy to be out and about, enjoying the freedom of the open space. And so glad to live here in Scotland, where we are safe from the atrocities of war. Yes, our bills might be higher, but we can still wander around the countryside without being shot at or bombarded. I think, since the tragedy in Ukraine started and my country is so deeply involved in the crisis, I began to understand how much liberty and safety mean to me and I appreciate my freedom much more.
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 099.JPG
Free range Panther in Coire Rhainich

The lovely gorge of Allt a'Choire-rainnich. last time we were here in pouring rain, the stream was a raging torrent. Not so much today:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 104.JPG

Looking back to Càrn Loch nan Amhaichean:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 105.JPG

Heading back to the farm and the track in Strath Rannoch:
2022-03-20 carn loch nan amhaichean 109.JPG

We ended our spring walking week on a high, despite gusty wind trying to get in the way between us and mountains. I simply enjoyed the time when I could escape to the hills and clear my mind from constant worries. I apologize for such a long delay in my posts. Of course there is much, much more to come from me, including some gobsmacking plane crash site visits and new routes up old mountains. Still to be posted are stories of snow covered Munro tops, scrambles and especially, a superb weekend in Ardgour. Watch this space for more Panther adventures! :D


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