The Corbett with the long name

Route: Beinn Liath Mhòr a'Ghiubhais Li

Corbetts: Beinn Liath Mhòr a' Ghiubhais Li

Date walked: 09/01/2024

Time taken: 4 hours

Distance: 9km

Ascent: 554m

This is one of the hills we usually visit in December/January as it is only a short drive from home and takes 3-4 hours to climb, depending on how fit you are. So far, we usually went up and down the forest track, starting by the bridge over Abhainn an Torrain Dubh. Today, for a change, we opted for the circular route, including a minor top, Meall Daimh. There's a good parking area about 1km east down the road from Torrandhu bridge.

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We decided to go up the minor top first. Forecast was uncertain with patchy clag obstructing some views, but we hoped for some better vistas higher up - and were not disappointed in the end.
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 003.JPG

We followed a sketchy path along the edge of the fenced plantation. The "makeshift gate in the fence" (as named in WH description) turned out to be not a gate at all, but we have experience in fence climbing :lol: :lol: so this one was not much of an obstacle:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 004.JPG

We marched up the soaked ground, hoping to gain the ridge soon. The foggy patches below us started to form interesting shapes:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 010.JPG

The tops of AM Faochagach reflected in Loch Glascarnoch:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 019.JPG

The summit of Meall Daimh turned out to be a good viewpoint towards Ben Wyvis - and the breaking cloud added an interesting twist to the snaps we took from this spot.
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 022.JPG

The main summit was still another 200 or so meters above us, but the slope didn't look too difficult, even for a couple of aging, injury-ridden hillwalkers...
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 127.JPG

As we dropped to the col between the two tops, I caught a glimpse of a small rainbow:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 129.JPG

More cloud festival around Loch Glascarnoch:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 133.JPG

The first patches of snow showed up at about 600m, but the ground was not frozen as the day was rather warm - and hardly any wind, even on higher levels. All in all, a good workout with lovely views in the background. This was all we needed after the Christmas festivities.
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 044.JPG

Just a ptarmigan in the mist...
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 053.JPG

Getting close to the top, with Meall Daimh in the background:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 046.JPG

The Beinn Dearg group partially covered in cloud:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 060.JPG

The summit has a large wind shelter one can hide from the gusts, but as there was hardly any wind today, we spent time just wandering around, taking photos.
Me and Lucy by the cairn (yes, she is still about but will likely retire soon):
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 081.JPG

Cloud and fake sunset effect:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 076.JPG

beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 169.JPG

Loch Glascarnoch:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 084.JPG

Loch Fannich:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 173.JPG

The perfect I-DON'T-WANT-TO-GO-HOME snap:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 086.JPG

Ok, sometime even if you don't want to go home, you have to...
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 098.JPG

We descended NW over Cnap a'Ghiubhais Li to pick the forest track in the glen below. The clag thinned a bit and we could now see the familiar shape of An Teallach:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 181.JPG

Kevin was doing pretty well as for a man with injured back (he still hasn't fully recovered, it's taking ages!):
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 185.JPG

The Fannichs ridge seen from the flatter shoulder about half way down:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 190.JPG

We remembered from our previous visits to this hill, that there was a gate allowing access to the forest track. It's hard to spot from above but just aim at the SE corner of the fence and you will find it. Even if dropping down requires some balancing on bumpy, boggy ground:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 112.JPG

Beinn Dearg now revealed:
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 114.JPG

We found the track and walked through the woodland to the main road, finally following the A835 back to the starting point.
beinn liath mhor a ghiuthais li 200.JPG

Not a super-ambitious route but a perfect one for short winter days. We were hoping for more mountain adventures in the following weekends, but sadly, the rest of January was terrible weather-wise (at least the weekends, always blowing a hoolie or raining cats and dogs), so all we managed were low level walks. Now, fingers crossed, February will be a bit more friendly, but honestly, the way it's shaping up now does not give us much hope. :(

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