Peat Bog Galore - Carn nan Tri-tighearnan

Grahams: Càrn nan Tri-tighearnan

Date walked: 19/03/2021

Time taken: 2 hours

Distance: 11.42km

Ascent: 403m


I had planned to do Little Wyvis today however I slept in and decided to do Carn nan Tri-tighearnan instead, I mean, they're basically the same right?... right??... :crazy:

I made my way from my humble abode from Costa Del Sneck (Inverness) along the A96. Turning off towards Cawdor at the what was Ozzys, now a building merchants of some sort if I am correct? Once through Cawdor I turned off a right hand junction just after the Cawdor estate Lodge/Inn as if you were going into it, just before the 2 National speed Limit signs straight ahead. I proceeded to follow the road until a junction turning slightly right for Daless, basically follow any signs for Daless from here :? Be-careful on the road leading into Daless because I'm sure I left my suspension somewhere down the road due to the potholes! I parked on grassy yet bumpy land before the crossing over to the Farmhouse where 2 farmers were tending to their sheep, I courteously asked if I was alright to park there to which they replied "yes". Excellent! the first hill climbed over already! Anyway... onto the actual hill.

Start of the route across the hidden burn just below

Took the path to the right to lead to the ford

I crossed over the small burn (river) and headed up the dirt track past a gate on the left to a fork in the dirt track, one way went straight on and the other right. I glanced over my OS map and I took the right track, this lead me to a ford with another burn running through which I crossed. As I crossed I noticed on the hillside over from me heather was being burned (poor heather :shock: ), I tried to give the fire a wee wave to say hello but he was obviously too "Hot" to wave back, the shock! So I trundled up the track which seemed to be steeper than the Stairway to Heaven to another gate where I had to pull myself over, a couple more metres up the track I noticed 2 grouse playing chess at a table, before I could say hello they both shot off and sounded as if they were laughing as they flew off! The nerve! Do i smell or something..? :lol: I then pulled myself up the stairway track to its end.

Gate to the left i climbed over on the ascent

The view looking back from just below the gate

Mr Flames never waved back!

Here 2 faint paths diverged one led up to Carn nan Tri-tighearnan itself and the other seemed to go off to the right, up to Carn nan Uillt Bhric (Kudos if you can pronounce those names!). I decided to go right up to the trig point on Carn nan Uillt Bhric, however I forgot my gators stupidly so I tucked my trousers into my socks to keep those pesky Tics out! And proceeded up the incline looking like a right prize idiot! :lol: The climb wasn't too bad however peat (dont ask, I dunno what he was doing on the ground there either) was everywhere and rather wet too, glad I brought thick socks! The view from the top trig point at Carn nan Uillt Bhric was tremendous, could see over the Moray Firth and the mouth into the North Sea, I noticed a "hump" in front of me and wondered if I trotted over to it whether could see the Jewel of the North! (Inverness City) or not... So i set off....

Straight on to Tri-tighearnan or right to Uillt Bhric

Trig point at Uillt Bhric

The underfoot conditions over weren't the best, some small crags, rivers and snow!!! :shock:
As I was peacefully plodding over I noticed a Christmas tree, unfortunately though I was a tad late for Santa :( although his Reindeer certainly lay enough chocolate drops! Once I managed to traverse to the top, full of joy and excitement I may get a glimpse of the city, I was met with... yes... you guessed it.... another hump protruding out the top as if it was giving me the middle finger and saying "Up yours!". My phone battery was low and time was getting on so I decided not to go over but to trundle up to the trig point at Carn nan tri-tighearnan, I will have my revenge though!

Certainly not my footprints...

Overlooking the crags to the hump i thought i could see Ness from!

Christmas Tree! wooo

Peat crags i crossed looking back to Uillt Bhric

Mr Chirp!

Overlooking the Moray Firth

That pesky hump! spoiling my view of Ness, grr!

As I, what seemed to be, wading my way through the peat crags I happened to notice some other footprints, another person I thought?! But then I remembered this Graham was not the most popular so it was probably a footprint of a local inhabitant from the Stone Age. Nonetheless, was reassuring to see there's someone as crazy as I am to climb this. I was but a few metres from the top, joy and excitement were overcoming me with the beautiful view I was about to see. I had a giant grin on my face... until I reached the trig point.... nothing... absolutely nowt except a heather filled plateau. I then decided it was probably time to head back, I didn't feel like going back over the way I came up so I had a look out for any prominent features to go to,I spotted what looked like green barriers (perhaps for leaning on for the shooting?) and so I headed to them, of course keeping an eye on my OS map and Strava on my phone. I noticed more footprints so decided to follow them, a hare jumped out of nowhere and almost sent my soul into the oblivion with what a fright I got. It was that fast that one minute it was Hare, the next it had gone! :lol: :lol:

Peat crags onlooking to Tri-tighearnan

Trig point at Tri-tighearnan

As I reached the green barricades I could see the end of the track where I had started so I headed straight for it! A rather bad idea considering the size of the peat filled crags I had to trundle across, almost lost my leg in the peat once or twice but I made it! Yay! I then reached the track and retraced my steps back down the Stairway to Heaven and just across the Ford where I stumbled into some of the locals, one was called Baaa-rry and the other Ram-old. They both looked rather sheep-ish! And every time I got near they would scurry away ahead, every few metres they would stop and glance behind to make sure I was still there, of course :wink: I had my very own Sheep-a's (sherpas) to the bottom! I thanked them both for their help and proceeded to get into my car and have a well earned... flask of coffee!

Green barricades with Tri-tighreanan in the background

The end/start of the track before the ascent up the hills

My Sheep-a's for the way down!

This is the route I went if you need it, which you probably will. Especially with my bad directions :lol:

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Thank you for taking your own time to read my first report! I may even do more in the furture! :clap:

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