Milestone on Mile Hill

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Mile Hill
Date walked: 28/12/2013
Distance: 5.5km
Ascent: 278m
Comments: 10
Views: 3639

Beinn na Gainimh - It Was Okay

Attachment(s) Grahams: Beinn na Gainimh
Date walked: 06/12/2013
Distance: 15.5km
Ascent: 689m
Comments: 2
Views: 2354

Creagan na Beinne and Shee of Ardtalnaig

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Creagan na Beinne
Grahams: Shee of Ardtalnaig
Date walked: 30/11/2013
Distance: 18.5km
Ascent: 1178m
Views: 2083

Meall Reamhar & Meall nan Caorach

Attachment(s) Grahams: Meall nan Caorach, Meall Reamhar
Date walked: 23/11/2013
Distance: 12.1km
Ascent: 617m
Comments: 3
Views: 2258

Meall Dearg

Attachment(s) Grahams: Meall Dearg
Date walked: 23/11/2013
Distance: 5.6km
Ascent: 385m
Views: 1910

Farragon Hill and Meall Tairneachan

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Farragon Hill, Meall Tairneachan
Date walked: 10/11/2013
Distance: 18.4km
Ascent: 1081m
Views: 1770

Morven On a Cold Cold Day

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Morven
Date walked: 01/11/2013
Distance: 11.1km
Ascent: 842m
Comments: 10
Views: 3563

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Creag Meagaidh Circuit - Winter's Coming!

Attachment(s) Munros: Càrn Liath (Creag Meagaidh), Creag Meagaidh, Stob Poite Coire Àrdair
Date walked: 11/10/2013
Distance: 22.7km
Ascent: 1298m
Comments: 20
Views: 8130


Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Corwharn
Date walked: 05/10/2013
Distance: 12km
Ascent: 546m
Views: 1487

A Day in Aberdeenshire - Part 2 - Millstone Hill

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Millstone Hill
Date walked: 20/09/2013
Distance: 5.2km
Ascent: 328m
Comments: 9
Views: 3935

A Day in Aberdeenshire - Part 3 - Lord Arthur's Hill

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Lord Arthur's Hill
Date walked: 20/09/2013
Distance: 8.4km
Ascent: 326m
Comments: 3
Views: 2143

A Day in Aberdeenshire - Part 1 - Bennachie

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Bennachie (Oxen Craig)
Date walked: 20/09/2013
Distance: 8.5km
Ascent: 543m
Comments: 3
Views: 1638

Hill of Wirren (and West Wirren)

Attachment(s) Grahams: Hill of Wirren
Date walked: 14/09/2013
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 535m
Comments: 2
Views: 2451

1, 2

Carn Dearg, Carn Sgulain & A'Chailleach

Attachment(s) Munros: A' Chailleach (Monadhliath), Càrn Dearg (Monadhliath), Càrn Sgulain
Date walked: 13/09/2013
Distance: 26.7km
Ascent: 1223m
Comments: 16
Views: 5350

Creigh Hill in the Sunshine

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Creigh Hill
Date walked: 08/09/2013
Distance: 4km
Ascent: 210m
Comments: 4
Views: 2218

Ben Klibreck - A long way to drive for clag!!

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Klibreck
Date walked: 31/08/2013
Distance: 15.7km
Ascent: 1024m
Comments: 8
Views: 3029

Ben Rinnes and a couple of Convals

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Ben Rinnes
Sub 2000s: Little Conval, Meikle Conval
Date walked: 30/08/2013
Distance: 16.6km
Ascent: 1080m
Comments: 12
Views: 4172

Meall nan Tarmachan (without the ridge bit)

Attachment(s) Munros: Meall nan Tarmachan
Date walked: 28/08/2013
Distance: 8.7km
Ascent: 752m
Comments: 6
Views: 2826

Creag nan Gabhar & Morrone

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Creag nan Gabhar, Morrone
Date walked: 27/08/2013
Distance: 23.4km
Ascent: 1066m
Comments: 8
Views: 2777

Baluderon & Craigowl Hills - Dundee

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Craigowl Hill
Date walked: 19/08/2013
Distance: 6.6km
Ascent: 333m
Comments: 6
Views: 3052

Kinpurney Hill and Monument

Attachment(s) Date walked: 19/08/2013
Distance: 5.5km
Ascent: 298m
Comments: 7
Views: 3582

Auchnafree Hill

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Auchnafree Hill
Date walked: 18/08/2013
Distance: 20km
Ascent: 843m
Comments: 10
Views: 3626

Carn a' Chlamain - Glen Tilt

Attachment(s) Munros: Càrn a' Chlamain
Date walked: 16/08/2013
Distance: 27.9km
Ascent: 980m
Comments: 2
Views: 1978

Mount Battock via Clachnaben

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Mount Battock
Date walked: 03/08/2013
Distance: 30.1km
Ascent: 1058m
Views: 2553

1, 2

Beinn a'Ghlo Triple

Attachment(s) Munros: Bràigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Càrn Liath (Beinn a' Ghlò), Càrn nan Gabhar
Date walked: 27/07/2013
Distance: 22.5km
Ascent: 1386m
Comments: 15
Views: 6999

Glen Lyon Horseshoe

Attachment(s) Munros: Càrn Gorm, Càrn Mairg, Creag Mhòr (Meall na Aighean), Meall Garbh (Càrn Mairg)
Date walked: 19/07/2013
Distance: 18.9km
Ascent: 1389m
Comments: 7
Views: 3981

Dunsinane Hill - Black Hill - King's Seat

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: King's Seat
Date walked: 18/07/2013
Distance: 7.3km
Ascent: 370m
Comments: 7
Views: 4101

Innerdouny Hill - By The Tourist Trail

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Innerdouny Hill
Date walked: 13/07/2013
Distance: 9.2km
Ascent: 270m
Comments: 12
Views: 5594

Meall Bhuide (Glen Lyon) & Stuchd An Lochain - Cleg City

Attachment(s) Munros: Meall Buidhe (Glen Lyon), Stuchd an Lochain
Date walked: 12/07/2013
Distance: 18.9km
Ascent: 1283m
Comments: 12
Views: 3875

Hunt Hill via Cairn Lick and Craig Maskeldie - Adder City

Attachment(s) Grahams: Hunt Hill
Date walked: 06/07/2013
Distance: 23.4km
Ascent: 1134m
Comments: 6
Views: 2921


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