Pannanich with Hares

Date walked: 19/05/2022

Time taken: 6.5 hours

Distance: 20km

Ascent: 750m

A glorious day for these tumps just at the entrance to Glenmuick. Sunny all day with a cooling breeze - perfect walking conditions


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Managed to sneak a park beside a shed with an abandoned Montego outside. Tucked in at the back out of the way.
When we got back from our walk, we spotted a sign saying access to site was needed 24/7 - we'd unconciously complied by not obstructing entry..

Parking for Pannanich.JPG
Parking for Pannanich etc

Set off along the path across the road but altered our ascent via Balintober to comply with the notice at the end of the track up through the woods. Passed the cairn at the entrance to the track up to Balintober.

Cairn at the Balintober road end.jpg
Cairn and plaque at the Balintober track end

Walked up the track to the bothy, being passed by an estate worker patrolling the tracks in the area in his Toyota 4x4 - standard kit these days it seems.

Salt lick on way up to Vallich.jpg
Salt lick by the track on the way up Vallaich

Lochnagar on the way up Vallaich.JPG
Fine views of Lochnagar on the way up Vallaich

Mt Keem sign at Vallich track.jpg
Directions to Mt Keen on the way up Vallaich

Inspected the shooting bothy with its chippy floor cf table & chairs. Good refuge for a minging day at the shooting butts.

Shooting Bothy on Vallaich.jpg
The shooting bothy on the way over to Vallaich

Top of Valliach.jpg
Top of Vallaich

Sauntered over to Vaillich, then back to the bothy. On the way over to Leuchan, GC spotted what looked like a gigantic hare perched on the top of a knoll beside the track. He couldn't resist an inspection.

GC inspects the hare 1.jpg
GC inspects Hare 1 on the way up Leuchan

Hare 1 on Leuchan.JPG
Hare 1 on a knoll on the way up Leuchan

Continued to the top of Leuchan, where we stopped for a snack at the first top and to view possible routes to Knockie.

First top of Leuchan.jpg
First top of Leuchan

Main top of Leuchan.jpg
Highest top of Leuchan - Am Mullach

Continued along to Am Mullach then came back to Leuchan where we struck down over the corrie to meet the Mounth track, through some tussocky and heathery ground, but not too much moose-stepping needed. Walked up the mounth track to the ancient boundary fence, marked by a rustic metal cross, probably the remnants of a sign.

Iron cross on Mounth path.JPG
The Iron Cross on the Mounth path summit

Followed the broken fence with the occasional wooden posts rubbed smooth by deer scratching themselves.

Fenceline to Knockie.JPG
The old fenceline to Knockie

Rubbing post on fence up Knockie.jpg
Deer rubbing post on the fence to Knockie

Continued across the soggy bealach and up on to the top of Knockie at the intersection of 3 decrepit fences beside a wee lochan.

Fence junction construction.JPG
Another old fence joining the one up Knockie

GC and H on Knockie.jpg
GC and H at the top of Knockie

Stopped for our lunch and plotted a route over to Pannanich. Just as we left the top, my bonnet blew off into the wee lochan.
It quickly floated out of reach, so we tried to get Harvey to retrieve it. Unfortunatedly, he was good at retrieving sticks and balls, but not bonnets, so he swam up to it then studiously ignored it, until it became waterlogged and sank. So in future droughts it will no doubt appear.........Hope they don't start digging around for the rest of my body - it winna be there !.

Bunnet lochanon Knockie.jpg
The " bunnet lochan" on Knockie

Donned my buff - pirate style - to prevent my bauld heid getting sunburnt.
Struck off down into the corrie, across the Pottegach burn then up on to the Pannanich track by joining up grassy patches to avoid moose-steppy heather.
Trudged up the track to Pannanich's trig.

Top of Pannanich.jpg
Top of Pannanich

Throughout the day we'd been blessed with fine views of Lochnagar in it's summer raiment, apart for a patch of snow on the side of Cuidhe Crom.
With one last gaze across to Lochnagar, we descended towards Glenmuick House, spotting another "hare" on the dyke on the way. Puzzled by their function ?

Hare 2 on Pannanich.jpg
Hare 2 on the dyke down Pannanich

At the back of Glenmuick House, there were notices prohibiting entry into the grounds of the big hoose, so we skirted the fence to gain the track via a tied-up gate, which we surmounted.

Glenmuick House.jpg
Glenmuick House

Tried to follow the path down through the woods, but some major windfall forced us into the grass field, which luckily didn't have livestock in it. As I negotiated a birk tree trunk lying in the field, I tripped on a branch and fell onto the log, giving my ribs a dig, dunting the heid and bending my back in a way unsuitable for a person of my age. Luckily, there's nae muckle grey matter left to scrambled these day - so no real damage.......
Managed to recover and walk down to the car.
Stopped in Ballater for a coffee, but no BR's as everyone had stopped cooking. However, the substitute stickies were a pleasant alternative and made the journey home acceptable - with the sun still blazing.
An epic day in spite of my ribs hurting and my dogs barking !

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