A stroll aroond Bogendreip

Date walked: 29/06/2022

Time taken: 3 hours

Distance: 9km

Ascent: 270m

A soor outlook to start with today.
Binned out original plan for Lochnagar and selected a more sheltered spot nearer home for a prospective driech day.

Craig o Dalfro

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Parked off road at the start of the track near Brig o Bogendreip ( now there's a name for you ! Makes me think of someone stuck in sharney dubs up to their knees wi a dreip hanging off the end o their nose...whit an imagination - eh ?)

Parkup for Dalfro.jpg
Parkup for Dalfro

Mounted up and strolled off up the fine forest track. Elected to take the long way round to avoid the young trees planted around the top of the hill. Took the grassy track ascending through the trees to a style. Surmounted thi brand new style to get over the deer fence, still wi the fresh smell of creosote.

GC negotiates the new style.jpg
GC negotiates the new style on Dalfro

"I love the smell of fresh creosote in the morning ". Further up the track, the trees to the north had been clear felled, so we chose a "firebreak" leading up to the treeline. Turned left to the top to "discover" the trig nestled in the trees.

GC at the end of the firebreak on Dalfro.jpg
GordonC at the end of the "firebreak" up to Dalfro

Dead mans bells.jpg
Dead mans bells on the way up the firebreak on Dalfro

GB and H at top of Dalfro.JPG
GordonB and Harvey at Dalfros' trig

Not a lot to see, so we returned by the same route, as it had been so easy - rejecting the temptation for a "shortcut" down to the track and a possible deer fence scaling en route.
The flies seemed to like the car, as there were swarms when we returned. The rain had just managed to keep at spitting level, so no soaking so far.

Ord o Tillyfumerie

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The north approach was overgrown at the start, so we parked at the south aproach just beyond the "AA Box " fork in the road.

Parkup for Tillyfumerie.JPG
Parkup for Tillyfumerie

Although sorely tempted, we spurnd the temptation to drive up the track as Jon had done and strolled up after parking.
Mosey'd over to a slightly higher spot off the track to claim the top.

Top of Tillyfumerie.jpg
The top of Tillyfumerie - just off the track

Returned to more flies festooning the car. ( must be the colour ).
Blew them away as we hurried to Banchory for an early BR and coffee.

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