More Dufftown Tumps

Date walked: 21/10/2021

Time taken: 5 hours

The rain was dingin' doon as I left Westhill.
Gordon C was attanding to domestic projects and Adam ( my grandson ) had slept in - so it was Gordon no-mates and faithfull Harvey today.
As forecast, we emerged from the rain into morning sunshine on our way to Alford then over the Cabrach towards Dufftown.

Carran Hill

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Intended to park up the track a bit, but as it had started raining again, I just carried on until I arrived at the firebreak heading through the trees. There was a lot of windfall in the firebreak, so we took to the trees that were judiciously spaced to allow an elderly person easy passage. As advertised, the trig was suitably camouflaged, but we stumbled into it with the aid of my GPS.

H at the native trig on Carran.jpg
Harvey at the camouflaged trig on Carron Hill

Took a better route back through the trees to another firebreak which led us back to the car.
Escaped before anyone noticed my lazy drive.

Tips of Corsemaul

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Parked up at the same spot that we'd found for Scaut Hill - by the well.
Struggled a bit with the fencing wire holding the gate together, then gave up and climbed over whilst Harvey jumped it.
At the bealach, I chose to go through the first gate, to follow the fence. When I saw that there was a lot of heather by the fence, I struck across to the ridge, splashing about near a wee lochan with shooting butts. Eventually ended up at the top of the quarry by the track. Why are shortcuts never shortcuts ? A lot of wasted energy expended for spurning the "longer" route by the track - again !
Once on the ridge, the going was easier with animal tracks. About half way to the top I spotted a couple of folks descending with orange coloured attire . I, on the other had was in my dull coloured stuff, so if I ever get lost on the hill - no-one will find me. Anyhow, they didn't see me and descended to the north by a different route to my ascending one. Spotted a couple of concrete markers on the crest of the ridge.

Concrete marker on Corsemaul.jpg
One of the concrete markers on the way up Corsemaul

Soon I was approaching the 3 -plook summit and stood at a wee cairn. Harvey did the photographic honours again.

Cairn of Corsemaul Rinnes behind.jpg
The cairn of Tips of Corsemaul

From the top I could see a possible shorter route from the north from a layby on the A920, just level with the top.

Hill of Talnamounth

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Parked in the quarry, as advertised by others. Walked round the back of the quarry and up a mown track through the heather. A gate seemed a good way through the fence until, on inspection, it was a gate from a fence configuration prior to the deer fence being erected - so no way through. Walked along the fence a wee bit until an upturned white feeding bucket beside the deer fence attracted my attention. On closer inspection it marked a place on the fence where the top bit could be unhooked, allowing passage over the lower part of the fence in a conventional way, and low enough for Harvey to loup over.

Deer fence passage on Talnamounth.jpg
The deer fence passage on Talnamounth

The pine plantation on the other side was sparse, allowing luxuriant heather growth, requiring a bit of moose-stepping up the short slope to the trig. A good all - round view. Ben Rinnes was sporting its first snow shroud of the autumn in the distance.

Top of Tolmounth.jpg
Top of Hill of Talnamounth

Descent a bit easier.......

Gallow Hill

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Parked up beside the gate. Lots of signs including CCTV etc as Dave McG noted. Also think there's a motion sensor on the gate.

Parkup for Gallows.jpg
Parkup for Gallows Hill

However, I noticed that the mighty padlock & chain were only draped around the gate, so I chanced my luck and proceeded up the track. At the top a new house was nearing completion. The track passed round the side of the house towards the top - just before a big shed/workshop.

Top of Gallows Hill.jpg
H at the top of Gallows Hill

The workshop on Gallows.jpg
The workshop on Gallows Hill

Descended down to the track via a birch plantation and found the planting drills fairly easy to negotiate. ( not the usual soggy ones )
Suggest future ascents of the hill would minimise disturbance to the house ( when it's occupied ) if the top was done directly from the track by my descent route. ( just head for the big shed from the track)
Returned to the car without ado.

Drove round to look at Tom Mor, but the rain had started again, it looked far away and I was getting tired ........so home it
was. It'll be there next week !

Thanks for looking after me Harvey - my faithful friend.

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