Carn Ban from Magoo's - le monde est petit, je suis vieux!

Corbetts: Càrn Bàn

Date walked: 28/04/2024

Time taken: 3.2 hours

Distance: 6.4km

Ascent: 690m

Stats for car back to car (schoolhouse back to schoolhouse) - 24.3 hours, 18.1km, 800m ascent

It had been a relatively sensible, early night, although I had managed to see off the remaining 7 cans that had made it in my pack as far as the bothy yesterday. The bottle of Glencadam had taken a minor hit but to be honest, I'd seen far emptier bottles of single malt whisky in a bothy on a Sunday morning!

I had been extremely snug in my new OEX Leviathan down bag in what was only its second outing. I had felt a bit cold in it back in mid-March when under canvas at the Mullardoch dam, but no such issues last night. I guess a bothy with the residual heat of the fire plus the accumulated body heat of 7 humans and 1 dog, plus being a good 6 weeks further down the line, would make a difference.

When I had turned up at the bothy late yesterday afternoon, Dave had been away on Seana Braigh but Dean had been there along with three other folk who ended up kipping next door in the MBA bothy. They were an English bloke living in Ullapool and his two friends, a younger French couple. I got speaking to them (Alex was her name, his escapes me now). They were from Brittany (the Côtes d'Armor department specifically) and I said that I had once spent several months working in a school in Guingamp in the Côtes d'Armor. When Alex pressed me on which school it was and I told her it was the Lycée Auguste Pavie, she just about fell over! That was the secondary school she went to (she was from Paimpol just outside Guingamp). "Le monde est petit!" as her partner exclaimed! After further discussion around timelines, it was established that she was 2 years old when I worked there, and therefore our paths had not crossed before! "Je suis vieux!!!" as I exclaimed :lol:

A call of nature woke me up in the morning. After glancing at my watch as I stumbled towards the door, I was tempted to do what needed done in the great outdoors and then return to the sleeping bag for another hour or so but on stepping outside, I encountered Mr Bellis saddling up for the cycle back to the schoolhouse. After we had chatted for 10 minutes or so and I went back into the bothy, a few other people were up and going about, so that was the end of that idea!

This is Magoo's!

South from the bothy to Creag Iobhair

Nathan contemplating the meaning of it all ....... and wondering where that smell is emanating from!

The story of Magoo and his bothy

After breakfast I packed a few essentials into the little Aiguille daypack and headed off, leaving the big overnight pack for collection on the way back out later. The rest of the guys were heading for or had already headed for alternative destinations on their way back to the cars at the schoolhouse.

Looking back down to the craggy foot of Creag an Duine and into Luchd Choire from the start of the ascent

Creag an Duine across the loch from the bothy - not a bad setting for a bothy at all!

Pathless ascent of north west slopes of Craggan a'Chait

The ascent was rough and pathless but I was making good progress up towards the crags that provided a minor obstacle to be bypassed on the way to the broad plateau of Craggan a'Chait. The weather still seemed quite unsure of its next move but I ploughed on and kept the faith as always!

Summit of Seana Braigh now peeking out

The sky suggests the weather could go either way

Looks like it has decided to go the wrong way!

Things got a bit murky for a while on Craggan a'Chait and there were some drops of rain but it never progressed beyond a half hearted effort.

The wide plateau of Craggan a'Chait

By the time I reached the edge of the vast chasm which is home to Toll Lochan, the weather was on the up again and the spring sunshine was dancing on the surface of the water way below me.

North east over Toll Lochan

I skirted around the head of Coire Toll Lochan and up the gradual slopes towards the wide summit of Carn Ban. The terrain was initially short cropped grass with avoidable boggy sections, soon giving way to a snow smattered, rocky tundra-esque landscape.

Due north over the deep blue of Toll Lochan towards the schoolhouse

West to the Inverlael hills

Craggan a'Chait and Creag an Duine across Coire Mor

Clearing nicely over the Inverlael hills

It can't be easy for Luna having this many stones to choose from!

I spent a good 15 minutes or so at the summit having a bite to eat and enjoying the views of some really remote, wild country before more or less retracing my steps back to the bothy,

Dog bags another Ronnie!

North along the broad flat summit of Carn Ban

Hazier than some of the beers I drank last night!

South towards Strathvaich

A remote Ronnie goes in the bag - mitts and beanie required for official portrait!

I took a line closer to the edge of Coire Mor on the return, enjoying fantastic views north west to the unmistakable and stunning landscape of Assynt, before dropping back down to a now deserted bothy. I encountered some technical difficulties going down through the crags and had to retrace my steps back up a few times to find a less squeeky bum route through.

Contouring the western slopes of Craggan a'Chait

The distant but unmistakable hills of Assynt

A look back at the awkward crags

I sat at the picnic table outside the bothy and had lunch before shouldering the big pack for the LONG walk back out. The big pack was at least considerably lighter than it had been 24 hours previously, allowing me to shave a good half hour off the time it had taken me to walk in yesterday.

Shower barrelling in down Loch a'Choire Mhoir

A final close up look back at Creag an Duine

Bumped into these two characters a short distance before the car

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