What a difference a day makes !

Route: Beinn Eighe (western summits)

Munros: Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe)

Date walked: 31/07/2020

Time taken: 5 hours

Distance: 15km

Ascent: 1353m

What a difference a day makes
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain[/i]
Compared to yesterday the weather and the mood was completely different and the tunes of this song suddenly came into my mind while I was again on my way to Torridon.
IMG_0650 Loch Maree php.jpg
Looking south to Loch Maree

The weatherforecast was pretty good and therefore I didn't want to miss the chance to complete the Beinn Eighe Munros today before I had to change my place, so Slioch, which actually was on my list, has to wait for the next time.
IMG_0651 Slioch php.jpg
Impressive Slioch - first time this week that I saw it in sunshine

As usual I was taking my time - no hurries during my holidays! and arrived around noon, but was lucky enough to find some space to park my car.
IMG_0653 finding the path php.jpg
Despite the heavy clouds above it was very warm

Looking up I wondered were the path was leading because from the parking one hardly can see any traces. But once on the track it was impossible to miss it. Snaillike it meanders through the moorland, steadly ascending but soon it becomes quite steep and in parts the path is very well prepared, almost like a staircase, to prevent erosion.
IMG_0655 Staircase.jpg

From time to time I turned around to enjoy the views :D
IMG_0656 km 2 looking back near waterfall php.jpg
Looking back I wondered wether I look towards the Beinn Dearg Mountains near Ullapool?

Although it was a perfect walking day I didn't met many walkers. On my way up I passed only one walker and at the scree of Coire an Laoigh I met a family who was coming down.
IMG_0657 km 2 php.jpg
Coire an Laoigh

IMG_0662 col php.jpg
View towards Spidean Coire nan Clach

At the trigpoint I caught up a with a young couple which I passed because they didn't like to scramble over the boulders and along the crags to the top. But the last bit was not worth to worry - et voilà:
Met a walker at the Top who kindly took a pic for my trophy collection :-) Thanks!

I was pretty windy up there but the views had been amazing:
IMG_0672 fine ridge ahead php.jpg
It looks as if the ridge is leading straight into Liatach

IMG_0671 view to the right .jpg
Ruadh-stac Mor and Allt Coire Ruadh-staca with Loch Maree behind

IMG_0670 view .jpg
One day I can name them all!

IMG_0668 Munro top php.jpg
More of the ridge and the mountains behind

The walk along the ridge was sheer pleasure, just see yourself:
IMG_0674 crags over to Ruadh.jpg
View towards Ruadh-stac Mor framed by some crags

IMG_0676 view.jpg
mighty Liatach

IMG_0677 ridge km 5pic may be php.jpg
The wild ridge

IMG_0678 funny crags php.jpg
Nosy crags

IMG_0679 funny Crags php R st M.jpg
... now with Ruadh-stac Mor

IMG_0680 Cairn before Coinneach Mor php.jpg
Cairn at 902m with view towards Còineach Mhòr

IMG_0681 Ruadh stac Mor and Coinneach Mor.jpg
... now including Ruadh-stac Mor

IMG_0682php Crags php.jpg
Ruadh-stac Beag

Finally I reached the cairn of Cònneach Mhòr and I tried to reconstruct my traces from my yesterday's adventure in the mist, which was hard to imagine with the clear views all around now (Link for yesterday's walk https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=102055.).
IMG_0684 Coinneach Mor view to Spidean php.jpg
Cairn at Coineach Mor with views towards Loch Maree - not sure about the range of the mounains in the distance (I think I recognize An Teallach?)

IMG_0685 view to sail mor and Loch.jpg
reaching the plateau above the Tripple Buttress with view towards Sail Mòr and Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair

The question I tried not to think off during my walk was now unavoidable. Which way down? Of course I wouldn't go down again the scree from yesterday, so the only alternative seemed be the bealach between the Tripple Buttress and Sail Mòr.
IMG_0686 left Ruadh stac mor.jpg
Looking down Coire Mhic Fhearchair

IMG_0687 Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchairphp.jpg
Steep down Coire Mhic Fhearchair

IMG_0690 yesterdays turn around php.jpg
Cairn at the end of the plateau

While exploring the surroundings I still didn't realy feel convinced about this way :think: :think:
IMG_0692this way down orphp 690.jpg
Bealach between Sail Mòr and the Tripple Buttress

IMG_0694how do I get ot the bealach.jpg
crags to conquer

Was is possible to make a short cut straight down, I wondered?
(Short cuts are never short, I thought by myself) But seeing the path below was so tempting.
IMG_0695 Cliffhanger php.jpg
sitting on the rocks, contemplating --

Finally I decided to go straight down the slopes of Bealach Gorm.
IMG_0696 how could I manage php .jpg
first obstacle managed

One couldn't really call it going. Most of the time I was sliding down over grass and heather on my bump because I hardly could stand upright. But this was quite fun and I this way I made good progress and it was very knee-friendly. What I didn't consider and couldn't see from above had been the crags in between the grassy slopes which were awfully steep and took some good negotiation to manage. There had been passages which seemed to be insurmountable. But going back up again was never an option. So I focused on each step and very, very slowly I made progress meter by meter, and whenever I felt a bit desperate I was looking down where I could see the path. Although it always was still far away it was good to see where my destination would be.
IMG_0697Rucksack php.jpg
looking back after I have managed the last crags

down the slopes.png

IMG_0698Rucksack php .jpg
... and still not there

Finally I was back on solid ground and happy that I have survived this egregious descend without any injuries, only the seam at the back of my trousers had been unraveld, but this was easyly repaired and a little snag is now covered with a sheep-patch, which always will remind me of this adventure.
The loss of my edge 1000 was a bit annoying. It must have happened at the last crag where I had to take off my rucksack and had to let it drop because it was all to narrow and steep to keep it on my back. But the moment the rucksack has dropped it tumbled down gaining speed with each meter and I already thought I'll never see it again. But then it came to a halt in the stoney bed of a burn which luckily was not much flooded. So, another lesson was learned from this: always fix everything!!
It's hard to imagine I came down these slopes

During my walk back along the road it became more and more windy and dark clouds where covering the sky, but I got back to the car park before it began to rain.
on the road

On the drive to the parking a father with his daughter was passing me with their mountain bikes heading for their car which was the only one left apart from my car.
20200731_182808 php.jpg
a bit desolated

A last look towards the mountains, meanwhile wrapped in thick mist, reminding me how lucky I was today, and a grateful goodby that I was back in one piece before I returned to my little cottage in Aultbea.
moody blues again


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