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Sub 2000s: Seana Mheallan

Date walked: 02/04/2021

Time taken: 4.1 hours

Distance: 9.4km

Ascent: 424m

With restrictions being eased a little, we thought that we could get a little further west and take the tent! My first thought was of Torridon, and after several days of umming and ahhing and checking the forecast, that was exactly what we did 8) I wasn’t sure I’d be up to much, so we chose a small hill – Seana Mheallan – as our target, as it was bang in the middle of all the impressive stuff and would get good views no matter how far we got!

We parked up in a large layby on the road and walked a few metres further down until we reached the track we were after. This followed the burn and gave us good views towards our hill

Looking back towards Liathach and Beinn Alligin

As we reached the end of the track (at Thrail House) we were onto a more boggy and less obvious ATV style track

We could see up Glen Torridon to Liathach and Beinn Eighe

Looking back to the house – although I felt like I was struggling, we were making progress

We had studied this hill on our way up Beinn na h-Eaglaise and had spotted a bridge across the burn. But of course we had failed to look at any photos more recently, and couldn’t remember exactly where it was :lol: We left the track and followed the path to where it looked like it might be, but it turned out to be an old bridge that was no longer there….so we followed the path along the burn, which was enjoyable walking 8)

It also led to many stops to play with my camera settings :lol: Malky was remarkably patient :shock:

As we slowly gained height, the views down Upper Loch Torridon improved

More waterfalls

As we got further along the path it got a bit overgrown, but we decided to persevere as it was so nice walking along the burn. We did think that we’d probably follow the ATV track on the way down when I was more tired :lol:

Finally we could see the bridge ahead!

Unfortunately we had to go into the plantation (through a gate) to cross the bridge, which meant we had to get out of it on the other side – there was a handy stile but unfortunately it had broken so we had to climb the fence which was a bit awkward :lol:

Now across the burn we were onto the relatively gentle (most of the time) ridge up to Seana Mheallan, which was made up of typical Torridonian slabs and grass with manageable amounts of heather.

I was already exhausted and struggling, but the ground wasn’t particularly difficult. We walked slowly and took plenty of breaks, making slow progress up the hill

We wound our way around the bigger obstacles and walked over the smaller ones. Once we had gained a little more height we could see across the col to Maol Chean Dearg, with Beinn na h-Eaglaise on the right

Sgorr Ruadh becoming visible

After we had climbed for a while I had had enough. It was time for a break – I reminded myself of this:


The views were good though 8)

After a decent long break, I finally felt like I could breathe (sort of!) and we continued slowly. The pinnacles of Liathach were looking impressive!

A steeper section barred the entry to the final climb – there was a way through the crags but Malky had to give me a push :lol:

At last we were at the top! It was windy, but the sun was out and the views were good 8)

Liathach and Beinn Eighe

Upper Loch Torridon

Summit of Seana Mheallan 8)

Looking across to Sgurr an Lochan Uaine, Beinn Liath Mor & Sgorr Ruadh

Maol Chean Dearg with Loch an Eoin below and Beinn na h-Eaglaise

Looking straight at the Liathach pinnacles

We found a spot where we were able to get out of the wind and have a good long break – I was not looking forward to having to get back down again :lol:

After a while we decided to get going – Malky had suggested an alternative longer route down….after a few steps that was vetoed :lol: But we did decide to cut around the crags that we had climbed up which would make the descent on tired and wobbly legs a little easier….

Malky’s fat head getting in the way of my shot :lol:

Upper Loch Torridon again (prettier than Malky, but only just :wink: )

Maol Chean Dearg looking majestic 8)

We followed a grassy gully down alongside some crags – looking back the Liathach pinnacles and Beinn Eighe were poking out above

Malky admiring the views 8)

Beinn Eighe

Looking across to the crags we had come up

Rather than do any reascent, Malky suggested climbing into the plantation early…this was a great plan until the ground was dreadful….actually karma had its revenge as Malky fell into a bog and got his foot wet :lol: But at long last we could see the bridge ahead!

Safely across the bridge, we found the track and started on the most direct route back. We could see back up to our hill – small but perfectly formed 8)

Finally we were back on the track and nearly at the car. We were just in the middle of fantasising about dinner when Malky announced he’d forgotten to pack the gas for the stove. I assumed he was joking, but it turned out he wasn’t :crazy:

Looking up at Liathach from the car

We drove down a short distance towards Shieldaig and found somewhere to pitch the tent, and to enjoy the next day’s sandwiches for our dinner (a little disappointing when we’d been looking forward to something hot!). The views from the tent were superb however 8)



We couldn’t believe how quiet the road was – all set to change in a few weeks – but we enjoyed the solitude and lack of midges while it lasted :lol:

After our cold dinner (and in hope that there would be a shop open the next day!) we drove a couple of miles along the road for sunset – it was shaping up to be a belter 8)






Back at the tent we made use of the 4G signal to dial into a Zoom call with some friends, before I took the camera out for a quick spin before bed.

Some stars – Orion particularly prominent

Beinn Alligin and some stars 8)

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