Cnoc Coinnich- a dogs hill tail

Corbetts: Cnoc Coinnich

Date walked: 31/07/2022

Time taken: 5 hours

Distance: 9.2km

My life was turned upside down when Mommy brought me to her friends house and left me...yes LEFT ME!
I had to rethink my whole day and could not think of anything I have done to deserve it. Needless to say I was in
such a state, could not stop panting and I was missing my Mommy and Daddy so much!
The hooman friends of Mommy noticed my distress and I was so happy when they took me outside...surely we would head back to my house? Needless to say my small doggy heart sank when we returned to the strange house again.
Mooooommmmmmyyyyy where are you!?
Hooman now tried to bribe me with my dinner...MUST RESIST DINNER...but I was too hungry to resist food...Lottie always hungry! :roll:
Thought things could not get any worse until Hoomans put my bed into the kitchen and honestly thought I would be
able to sleep alone in the scary kitchen...it took me a while to open all the doors and make my way upstairs and I
really could not understand why hoomans seemed upset when I jumped on the bed ...Lottie wants to sleep with hoomans in scary house!

With us dog sitting for a week while our friend were on holidays, we had looked forward to look after 4.5 year old
Lottie the Rottweiler. The first night had eventful. With a very stressed and anxious dog in the house, we had
tried everything to calm her and make her sleep, but at the end Kevin ended up sleeping in the spare bedroom with
Lottie to give me the chance to get some sleep. During day 2 our plan of action was to make the dog so tired that
she would konk out (and give us a chance to catch up on much needed sleep). A day of long walks and endless ball
games in the garden followed. At the end we were all in bed by 9pm...we had also given up on the thought of
lettting Lottie sleep in the kitchen and moved her bed into our bedroom. So much for the dog does not get into our
bedroom. Night 2 was a greater success and my plan to take her on a hill walk the following day was looking

I am not sure what got into Hoomans, but me keeping them up most night must have been good for them. I was taken on sooo many walkies and I was allowed to chase my favorite red ball for hours. Made plans to keep them aware again, but at the end I was so tired, that I fell asleep before I had a chance to bark again.
I woke up next morning and could feel excitement in the air...was Mommy coming back? I darted a few times to the
window and door, but apart from mommy, strange things started to appear. I followed human to the kitchen just in
time to see how loads of my favorite snacks were put into a bag. A pile of drool was already collecting in front
of my paws...I looked at hooman with my prettiest eyes, but hooman ignored me and put bag of treats in large blue
bag. Must guard bag with my life...no one is getting my snack bag!

With my gear packed and a bag of goodies and an extra 2 liter bottle of water packed for Lottie, the task was to
get the dog into the car. With her lead attached to her body harness, tied to the back seat, she was secure enough,
but my hope that she would lie down was in vane. She sat up and drooled over every single window in reach...guess I
had to valet my once clean car when we returned.

Oh I was so exited...we would be going home to Mommy and Daddy...I made sure I barked my excitement out every time I saw another dog on the street and I was licking the windows to show my appreciation ...surely hooman likes
specially cleaned windows. It was however strange that hooman was driving so long. My butt started to get sore. I am
also not sure what got into hooman when we suddenly stopped and human started to search for something...hooman seemed stressed and I feared the worst...did hooman forgot my snack bag? Noooooooooo not the snack bag.

It suddenly dawned on me that I did not remember if I packed my mobile phone. Shoot! I stopped at a lay by and did a
panicked search. I relaxed when I remembered that I had left my phone inside my boots at the back of the
car...phew...too much exitement when travelling with a dog! I continued along Loch Lomond and soon the Cobbler came into view. I drove along the Rest and be Thankful and turned into the single track road which would lead me to Lochgoilhead.

I thought the drive would never end when hooman suddenly started to slow down. Looking out of the window I could
see so many trees, but I could not concentrate, as hooman came to many abrupt stops on winding road. I was thrown all over the seat ...DEAR DOGGY GOD... hooman drive normal again....!!! I think I even started to feel sick! Luckily my
doggy prayers were answered when hooman stopped the car and I was finally be allowed to leave car. I had made sure that my blanket was on the floor and my hair was everywhere and once again human was not impressed (So ungrateful of my efforts) Once I jumped outside, so many new and exiting smells welcomes me. Must sniff all areas to explore!

Finding a hill which would suit a dog which had never climbed a hill before needed some consideration. Lottie was
used to much shorter low level walks mostly on pavements, so I needed something easy for her. Luckily a Corbett I
had left for winter seemed ideal. More than half of the walk would lead through forests, which would provide shade.
A stream next to the track would supply water (Rotties need a lot of water) and the path which continued to the
summit was grassy. The whole walk was also less than 10 km, which I believe she should manage. I still carried an
additional 2 liters of water for her just to be sure.

Oh how happy I was to be able to walk...so many places to sniff. Hooman just never give me enough time to
sniff...surely a dog could expect at least 5 min for every lamp post? We reached a stony track and I did a nice big
poo right in the middle of track. As so many times before , hooman must have been so impressed with my poo (I feel
so proud) because it was collected in a bag...Hooman are strange that way, but I stopped wondering about it!
The wide path that followed was very much to my liking...so many smells and little pools of water I could drink
from everywhere...me like!

The start of the walk

Lottie leading the way

So pretty

Lottie crossing the bridge

The track through the forest was rather pleasant.Towards the end a few fallen trees had to be crossed...not easy
with a dog who wanted to chew herself though the tangle of branches, but at the end I had managed to navigate her
through it. The path ended at fence with two gates and a wooden bench. Lottie had been doing great so far and I
decided to have a rest before I continued. Getting my water bottle out of the bag I sat for a while and enjoyed the
stunning views.Lottie seemed keen to get going, as she tried to push the gate open

Pretty views back

Lottie trying to open the gate

Lottie looking pretty

Exiting views ahead

We finally started walking again and crossed the gate I had been unable to open myself. On the other side long
grass filled the horizon. I could sniff a faith path, but that disappeared soon after. I looked a hooman who seemed
to just want to walk straight up the hill. I wasn't sure about this no path malarkey, but followed hooman. Walking
through long grass uphill was hard! I was happy when I sniffed out a track leading to the left and continued on it.
Hooman was however not happy. Why does she does not understand that no animal would ever walk straight up? I
honestly tried everything to avoid uphill, but hooman ignored me. Grumpily I had to follow hooman...hooman must have something wrong with her...Lottie not happy!

The walk once we had left the forest was through long grass and through some boggy ground. Lottie seemed rather
confused with the fact that there was no more path to follow and followed all sorts animal tracks, which went
everywhere apart from uphill. The progress was rather slow, as I continuously had to call her back and wait until she
trotted back to me.

OK I have to admit I was getting tired and looking at hooman...I doggy talked...can we have a break?
Luckily hooman understood and we sat down. Was feeling very sorry for myself when suddenly my snack bag
appeard...OMG the joy and excitement that hooman had remembered my snack bag. Hooman hid snack in grass and I was allowed to sniff them out. I like hooman again. Hooman also produced bowl with water...but I was more interested in yummy snacks. Once I had at least half my snack bag consumed, hooman wanted to move again. My hopes that it was time to go back to the car were shattered, when hooman continued up hill, but I decided to just follow human...no other chance 'sigh'.

Lottie so tired

Feeling better after loads of treats

The hill ahead

Slowly we continued up the hill and I stopped frequently to make sure Lottie was ok. Just like a human without
training, dogs can be equally slow up hill. Who would have thought! Lottie also started to take an interest in the
sheep poo everywhere and started eating it ...the more I told her off the more she quickly swallowed the green

I have been so excited when I found green balls which turned out to be such a tasty snack. Hooman seemed upset
that I started eating them. Lottie did not understand...but one thing is for sure, I was not sharing MY tasty
treats with her. MUST EAT FASTER! Great fun and my spirits returned. I also spotted people coming down the
hill...OMG must protect my treats in hoomas bag fiercely...no one is allowed to get Lotties treats..woof woof woof!

Calming a dog, which suddenly had turned into not liking people was hard work. Even though she is not fussed with
any humans on the street , up the hill she seemed rather upset and barked angrily. Having said a quick hello we
continued up hill. The top was now not far and a wee lochan provided some excitement for Lottie, who started to
splash around in it. I was relieved when we reached the summit and amazing views towards the Clyde and the whole Arrochar Alps opened up. I took some photos while Lottie explored the area. Feeling hungry I found us a protected area from the wind and unwrapped the cucumber I brought for Lottie (one of her favorite treats) So funny how the eyes of a dog can change in an instant into the 'pretty eye' glare and in Lotties case...she was dripping drool all over my backpack in anticipation.

Lottie likes to pose

Enjoying a splash in the water

No treats at cairn :-(

Wonderful views

My spirits had returned fully when the constant up hill had stopped. The pile of stone my hooman found strangely
interesting, proofed a fake...not one treat was hidden, I was so annoyed that I even pushed one of the stupid
stones from the top. I searched the whole area without success and looked at hooman with hope...do you know where my snacks are? Hooman for once must have understood me, as she started unwrapping a bag...could not stop my drools when bits of Cucumber and doggy treats were presented to me. Was so happy again....uphill place is rather rewarding.

Lottie enjoys views towards the Clyde

Summit views

Ears flopping in the wind

pretty eyes

Ben Lomond in he distance

Us two


With the food finished it was time to head down hill again, Lottie back in full spirits, started to drag me down
the hill in such speed that I had to put her halti on. Wet grassy slopes and a pulling dogs on a leash is no fun!
She only seemed to calm down again, when we reached the forest path and she walked happily by my side until we
reached the car again.

View towards the Brack

The bench with amazing views

Lottie was here

When hooman FINALLY decided to leave, I could not wait to get back. Walking as fast I could I did not understand
why hooman was shouting and put my stupid strap around my nose on...did she not asked to be pulled down hill...or was that up hill? Back at the car I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as hooman closed the door. Still not
sure about uphill thingy, but treats have been wonderful and I had wonderful dreams about upcoming dinner time on
the drive back.

Lochgoilhead during the walk back to the car

Having completed my first ever hill walk with a dog, I have to say I was more exhausted that I thought I would have
been. The anticipation of 'will she make it' and thinking about everything, had been as exhausting as it was
rewarding. A few times I could have strangled her, while so many other times she had make me laugh so much. Driving back home with a tired dog, had also filled my me accomplishment. It certainly broadened my horizon and made me understand not every dog is a bundle of energy from the start.
In the week that followed I walked Lottie up local hills and started lunch time jogging sessions, which she seemed
to enjoy. Each times I walked up hill for the next 7 days , she would drag behind, only to be revitalized when we
reached flat ground again (some things did not change) . I guess to make her hill fit would take ore than the week
I looked after her.
She is now back with her mummy and daddy and I have to say I will miss her and never forget our first hill walk
together- who knows maybe there will be more to come. :D

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