Beinn a'Ghlo - snowy walk between Christmas and New Year

Attachment(s) Munros: Bràigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Càrn Liath (Beinn a' Ghlò), Càrn nan Gabhar
Date walked: 27/12/2014
Distance: 25.05km
Ascent: 1195m
Comments: 12
Views: 5438

4 Munros at Drumochter - video...snowy-windy december

Attachment(s) Munros: A' Mharconaich, Beinn Udlamain, Geal-chàrn (Drumochter), Sgàirneach Mhòr
Date walked: 13/12/2014
Distance: 23km
Ascent: 1118m
Comments: 2
Views: 3234

Arctic test of endurance - Ben Nevis, gales in december

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Nevis
Date walked: 07/12/2014
Distance: 15.4km
Ascent: 1414m
Comments: 6
Views: 4180

Beautiful inversion view from Beinn Dorain & Dothaidh

Attachment(s) Munros: Beinn an Dòthaidh, Beinn Dòrain
Date walked: 24/11/2014
Distance: 15km
Ascent: 1220m
Comments: 4
Views: 3509

The Stob Coire Easain line up !

Attachment(s) Munros: Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin, Stob Coire Easain
Date walked: 18/11/2014
Distance: 16.6km
Ascent: 1194m
Comments: 1
Views: 2346

Highland Cattle Territory in Misty Argyll

Attachment(s) Munros: Beinn a' Chochuill, Beinn Eunaich
Date walked: 11/11/2014
Distance: 14.22km
Ascent: 1222m
Comments: 2
Views: 1978

Great view to Etive and Glencoe from Creise

Attachment(s) Munros: Creise, Meall a' Bhùiridh
Date walked: 05/11/2014
Distance: 10.4km
Ascent: 1144m
Comments: 11
Views: 4464

Glen Lyon - 4 Munros circ. from Sunrise to Clearness via Fog

Attachment(s) Munros: Càrn Gorm, Càrn Mairg, Creag Mhòr (Meall na Aighean), Meall Garbh (Càrn Mairg)
Date walked: 24/10/2014
Distance: 19km
Ascent: 1269m
Comments: 5
Views: 4244

Aonach Beag & Aonach Mor - Trip in Autumn colours & video

Attachment(s) Munros: Aonach Beag (Nevis Range), Aonach Mòr
Date walked: 11/10/2014
Distance: 17.4km
Ascent: 1461m
Comments: 4
Views: 2993

1, 2

Cairngorm's Big 5: Ben Macdui to Braeriach via Devil's Point

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Macdui, Braeriach, Cairn Toul, Sgòr an Lochain Uaine, The Devil's Point
Date walked: 02/10/2014
Distance: 35km
Ascent: 2323m
Comments: 20
Views: 12838

Cairn Gorm - Easy view & Family on half way

Attachment(s) Munros: Cairn Gorm
Date walked: 29/09/2014
Distance: 6.69km
Ascent: 604m
Views: 1532

Beinn a'Bheithir-the View which suppose to be..? incl. video

Attachment(s) Munros: Sgòrr Dhearg (Beinn a' Bheithir), Sgòrr Dhònuill (Beinn a' Bheithir)
Date walked: 21/09/2014
Distance: 12.6km
Ascent: 1240m
Comments: 8
Views: 3346

The Ring of Steall - Classic & Popular

Attachment(s) Munros: Am Bodach, An Gearanach, Sgùrr a' Mhàim, Stob Coire a' Chàirn
Date walked: 14/09/2014
Distance: 13km
Ascent: 1389m
Comments: 11
Views: 5023

Quick, short & great meeting at misty Buachaille Etive Beag

Attachment(s) Munros: Stob Coire Raineach (Buachaille Etive Beag), Stob Dubh (Buachaille Etive Beag)
Date walked: 02/09/2014
Distance: 8.4km
Ascent: 904m
Comments: 5
Views: 3275

Jewel AONACH EAGACH - solo on the royal Ridge of thrill

Attachment(s) Munros: Meall Dearg (Aonach Eagach), Sgòrr nam Fiannaidh (Aonach Eagach)
Date walked: 27/08/2014
Distance: 7.75km
Ascent: 1196m
Comments: 11
Views: 4687

1, 2

Big day in Mamores: 4 Munros and...Wildlife !

Attachment(s) Munros: Binnein Beag, Binnein Mòr, Na Gruagaichean, Sgùrr Èilde Mòr
Date walked: 09/08/2014
Distance: 19.4km
Ascent: 1734m
Comments: 17
Views: 9920

Buachaille Etive Mor...the Diamond !

Attachment(s) Munros: Stob Dearg (Buachaille Etive Mòr), Stob na Bròige (Buachaille Etive Mòr)
Date walked: 05/08/2014
Distance: 14km
Ascent: 1151m
Comments: 12
Views: 5772

Ben Nevis via C.M.D. arete incl.video - clear view in Summer

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Nevis, Càrn Mòr Dearg
Date walked: 26/07/2014
Distance: 18km
Ascent: 1778m
Comments: 3
Views: 3159

Stob Ban - via Devil's ridge, 3 Munros & video

Attachment(s) Munros: Mullach nan Coirean, Sgùrr a' Mhàim, Stob Bàn (Mamores)
Date walked: 14/07/2014
Distance: 15.2km
Ascent: 1746m
Comments: 2
Views: 3143

Lawers Range - East, above the inversion

Attachment(s) Munros: An Stùc, Meall Garbh (Ben Lawers), Meall Greigh
Date walked: 01/07/2014
Distance: 17.4km
Ascent: 1203m
Comments: 4
Views: 3149

1, 2

The Three Peaks Challenge ( Scotland,England,Wales )

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Nevis
Date walked: 24/06/2014
Distance: 37km
Ascent: 3701m
Comments: 15
Views: 9283

The Three Peaks Challenge - National

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Scafell Pike
Hewitts: Scafell Pike, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa
Date walked: 24/06/2014
Distance: 37km
Ascent: 3701m
Comments: 2
Views: 2626

Ben More & Stob Binnein

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben More, Stob Binnein
Date walked: 12/06/2014
Distance: 11.78km
Ascent: 1311m
Comments: 3
Views: 3789

Glencoe circle - the WOW ! mountains

Attachment(s) Munros: Bidean nam Bian, Stob Coire Sgreamhach
Date walked: 31/05/2014
Distance: 15.1km
Ascent: 1334m
Comments: 10
Views: 6298

Ben Lui & Beinn a' Chleibh

Attachment(s) Munros: Beinn a' Chlèibh, Ben Lui
Date walked: 28/04/2014
Distance: 11km
Ascent: 1070m
Views: 2244

Ben Vorlich - Family Easter walk

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn)
Date walked: 20/04/2014
Distance: 9.85km
Ascent: 854m
Comments: 6
Views: 3343

Ben Cruachan - fresh morning in Argyll

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Cruachan
Date walked: 08/04/2014
Distance: 12.85km
Ascent: 1179m
Views: 1481

Ben Nevis - deep snow, clear sky and...R.A.F. Tornado !

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Nevis
Date walked: 26/03/2014
Distance: 15.2km
Ascent: 1470m
Comments: 9
Views: 4726

Ben Lomond via Forest from West Highland Way

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Lomond
Date walked: 07/03/2014
Distance: 13.47km
Ascent: 1056m
Views: 1677

Total Whiteout & Gale - Ben Nevis on January, incl.video

Attachment(s) Munros: Ben Nevis
Date walked: 24/01/2014
Distance: 15.1km
Ascent: 1412m
Comments: 4
Views: 4027

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