Glen Cova, Driesh and Mayer

Route: Mayar and Driesh, Glen Clova

Munros: Driesh, Mayar

Date walked: 18/06/2017

Time taken: 6 hours

Distance: 17.22km

This was my first solo Munro walk, with it only being my 3rd and 4th I was quite apprenhensive, but I felt I had my route all mapped out well, I had a good amount of water with me and I had my times all planned out for walking. I had to be back in time to pick up my daughter from her dads at 1630. I had travelled from Fife to Glen Cova so I had set off quite early. I got there with a positive mind and keen to get started. I had checked the weather report beforehand and it was supposed to be dry and cloudy. When I got there the sun was out and it was roasting. I started walking and the heat was incredible but a nice change from the last walk I had done in the rain. So I didn't complain. The walk started out in the woods along side the water which was lovely, I got to the Corrie Fee Nature Reserve and I was stunned, it was beautiful, it took my breathe away when I walked out the woods and was greated by the huge open area of green. It's safe to say I took many photos of this, I felt like Frodo from Lord of the Rings in all that green. I could see in the distance the waterfall where I knew I was roughly aiming for and I was a bit weary of hoe far away it looked and thought it would take me forever to get to where I needed to be. It wasn't at all, it didn't take long before I looked back and the woods I had just came out from were far away in the distance, again plenty photo opportunities. This is where the ascent got difficult for me, I am not the fittest and my legs felt very weak, maybe it was the drive, who knows, but the steps up were hard (for me). I sat down a few times taking in the view because it was beautiful and it gave me an excuse to rest. Luckily I was by myself because if I had been with my boyfriend I wouldn't have had so many opportunities to stop as he is much fitter than I am. I was passed by loads of people and dogs however I was not discouraged as we all walk at different paces and we all walk for different reason, that day I had walked to clear my head, so the breaks were great for me. I had to stop for something to eat as I had been on the go since 630 in the morning and it was nearing lunchtime anyway and I felt had covered a lot of ground at this early stage. I had checked the route and it was 9 miles in total and I had given myself 6 hours of walk/rest/photo time and the route said 5.5 hours maximum so I thought I was on track. I got to the top of Mayer and it was beautiful, so glad it was clear. I didn't stop for long as I had had plenty rest walking up and I could see that I got to walk downhill/flat surfaces for a bit which I was excited about because my poor wee legs and blister I got after 1 mile were really sore. (hopefully you get the message that I am really unfit, but I try) I got to the bottom of the ascent up to Driesh and it looked fairly simple and it was, much easier than the climb up Corrie Fee I have to say, maybe it was the fact I had eaten and I had energy or mabe my legs had been worn in by this point. It didn't take me longat all to reach the top of Driesh and it was lovely. I was the only one there so I took in the peace and quiet for a bit before heading back down. Again I thought I was doing great for time, I looked at my Strava and I had done 7 plus miles and I had 2 hours-ish left to walk (don't quote me on the miles or time I just knew I was doing great for getting back), the decent for me is always the worst, my left knee does not cooperate at all, and for sure it hurt like hell. The descent was very rocky and very narrow at parts, I think I slipped on rocks a good few times. I checked my Strava again and I was very close to 9 miles, which was the total miles in the route but I knew by looking that I was much further away from the car park than that. But I was creeping up on the time I knwe I had to leave to collect my daughter so I was rushing. The descent continued into the woods and the surfaces got no easier on my knee but again I was conscious of the time so kept walking. I could start to see the road I took at the beginning and I checked my Strava and it was over 10 miles. I got back to the Rangers station and I washed my face, and cooled myself down in the toilets before heading back to my car. I checked the miles and time and it was 10.7 miles and 6 hours and 5 minutes. I did not stop once on the descent due to the time, I wish I had had more time, I don't know how I managed to get 10.7 miles as I have done the route on the GPS on here and it is still nowhere near the miles I done. I did not waunder far or off course or anything. Anyway, it was an absolutely beautiful walk, I wish I had more time on the descent, however 6 hours to do 10.7 miles shouldn't be too bad (for someone who is fit). I would recommend the walk for Corrie Fee alone, it is beautiful.

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