Seven Fife Marilyns...in a day

Sub 2000s: Benarty Hill, Cairnie Hill, East Lomond, Largo Law, Mount Hill, Norman's Law , West Lomond

Date walked: 30/08/2020

Distance: 23.5km

Ascent: 1175m

This is the third time I have done this round, one in April 2017 http://www.scottishhills.com/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=20732&highlight=seven+seventy+seven
And the second last year
I thought it unlikely I would try it again given that we have so many unclimbed Wainwrights, but what with R breaking his hip and catching Covid 19 and unlikely to be able to do the bigger hills yet, I thought I should try to see if doing a 10,000 fit-bit walk every day had managed to maintain my fitness, and was quite pleased to find that age 81 was not slower than 80

Benarty 50 minutes (2.4 miles 651 feet)
West Lomond 2 hours 7 mins (4.2 miles 781 feet)
East Lomond 42 minutes (0.9 miles 289 fee
Cairnie Hill 1 hour (2 miles 482 feet)

Normans Law 57 minutes (1.2 miles 430 feet)
Mount Hill 1 hour (2 miles 505 feet)
Largo Law 1 hour 35 mins. (1.9 miles 718 feet)
Total distance=14.6 miles Ascent=3856 feet. Total time 7 hours 54 mintes (I think, my adding is weak)
R drove me the 100 miles, which isn’t bad for someone who broke a hip on April 1st and then got Covid 19
Below, my chauffeur. It's lovely having a chauffeur, as I don't need to keep changing my footwear, and I can eat going along.

Altogether I spent 3.5 hours in the car and 7 hours 54 minutes walking.
Apparently the picture I had posted as a “Weather Watcher “ picture had appeared on the early news around the time we had set off (6.15 am)

We whizzed past West Lomond, looking much more formidable from this angle.(Photo taken from car window)

Parked at the back end of of Benarty (for grid refs, see the first report) and only saw one dog walker.

West Lomond was hardly busier and I saw a jogger and a walker before reaching the summit where people were hang gliding Only two families and five solos before I got back.

Things were hotting up on East Lomond. It is just the hill for beginners and I met a lovely three year old who had walked all the way up without a carry on the summit.

I’ve only once met anyone on Cairnie Hill, and today was no exception, but sitting in the car below, R met a walking couple from Perth whose hobby was walking along old railways or as near to possible to ones that are in use. There’s no Cairn or trig for a selfie here.

Norman’s Law is usually busy, but although I saw a couple on the summit when I started , they must have come the longer way, and I met nobody going up or down. R ventured as far as the wood hoping to find some of the butterflies that were there on our last visit, but he saw none, and I saw only a dead one.

At Mount Hill, the farmer has padlocked the gate where people usually park, so R just sat in the car parked across it while I squeezed around it. The gates in the wood are padlocked as well, leaving no doubt that they want you to follow the marked track circling the monument. I went up that way, but got up and climbed gates and fences on a shorter return. Again I saw nobody.

A cross country drive saw us in Upper Largo. R wandered round picking blackberries while I climbed the hill. The horses here are very well kept. The path is even more eroded than I remembered it…the price for a lock-down early summer without rain I suspect. Here I am looking whacked. I saw nobody except the owner and her little girl feeding the horses.

Below, R took a photo of me looking smug as I reached the end. I wore the jacket throughout, though it was far too hot as I did without a rucksack and carried camera, phone, loo paper, drink and a tangerine in my pockets. My lightweight jacket doesn’t have enough.

Next morning, my alarm went off at the same time and I nipped out for another Weather Watcher Editor’s Pick.

These hills were singularly deserted compared with climbing some of them for R's rehab when we kept meeting people.

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