Addicted to Recovery (128) Earl's Seat & 10,000m.

Sub 2000s: Earl's Seat

Date walked: 22/02/2018

Time taken: 3.47 hours

Distance: 15.9km

Ascent: 615m

When only a couple of months ago I set myself the challenge of 50 Munros this year, never did I guess that I would be captured so intensely by this hill bagging, list ticking and ascent monitoring compulsion. Looking back at the choice now I can see that of course it was always going to happen, my brain is wired for addiction, if it wasn't drugs or alcohol then it would only end up being something else. I don't think the situation is the most perfect, but at this point in my recovery journey I'm just happy that I've kept myself free from mind altering substances.

Thursday is one of my regular work free days, I had nothing planned until the evening when I would attending day 2 of a 3 day course which would allow me become a volunteer with Forth Valley Recovery Community. This community has been a lifeline for me in my recovery I was feeling good that at last I would be able to give something back to help & support others. I'm hoping that eventually I can build a group of people that share my interest in the hills and the benefits it can bring. With this commitment in mind I started to look over the maps for something close by that would let me get a few miles under my belt, but still be in Falkirk for 6pm, I decided on an ascent of Earl's Seat in the Campsies.

Far the past couples of weeks now my car has always been ready and packed for such outings, all I had to do was print a quick copy of the map required and I was on my way towards Clachan of Campsie and the entry point I had chosen.

On arrival I was soon parked up at the Campsie Glen Tea Room and by 12:35 I was on my way back down the road and onto Knowehead Road, I soon found myself looking at the access point for the hills.
Image20180222_123917 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Eventually I reached a farm gate with a bold sign pronouncing PRIVATE, I thought about vaulting the gate :lol: and making a quick run for it, but the boldness of the notice made me wonder, I back tracked a little and soon found another, just as bold sign, with a direction for walkers around the farm. I decided this was probably the better option so took the turn right and started to make my way up the track.
Image20180222_124214 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Meandering on around behind the farm keeping the tree line to my left I soon found myself amongst the green of the hills.
Image20180222_125758 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Following this easy grass but sometimes boggy track I head into Fin Glen.
Image20180222_130522 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

You cross a few easy fords as you head up, one with a beautiful wee waterfall.
Image20180222_130844 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Soon the track ends at its meeting with a fence from the left, this would be the point at which on my return journey I would rejoin the track, I head right up onto the slopes of Hog Hill.
Image20180222_132910 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

With no defined path to follow the going is quite strenuous and wet, plenty of bog grass and tufts to navigate, at first I thought about trying to find the summit, but looking around me there didn't seem to be any form of defined high point or cairn, I decided just to head on towards Earl's Seat which had now begun to grow before me to the North West.
Image20180222_141130 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Carefully trying to pick the best path around the top of the glen I made my way onto the lower slopes of my eventual goal. I wasn't always quite so successful in my path choice.
Image20180222_143746 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

But eventually I was able to find the fence that would lead upwards to the summit.
Image20180222_144434 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

The skies had darkened as I looked back over the boggy and rough pass over the glen head.
Image20180222_144447 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Soon enough though I had found the trig marking the summit.
Image20180222_144857 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Quickly taking the summit shot I was on my way back down the western side of the glen, the going was to be much the same as it had been.
Image20180222_151229 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Growing tired and frustrated at the path before me I decided to head down into the glen and find a crossing that would eventually lead me back to the track I had left 2 hours ago.
Image20180222_152622 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

Further down the burns edge I was able to find an easy and safe crossing that I quickly hopped over without any undue wetness, from here I found the opposite end of the fence that would eventually lead me back to the main glen track.
Image20180222_153318 by IainHamiltonPhotography, on Flickr

I finished me route the same way I began, skirting around the huge collection of road cones at the rear of the PRIVATE farm, I was back onto Knowehead Road and then the tea room, reaching the car at 16:25.

A quick 16km sprint in under 4 hours.

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