Schiehallion-take 2!

Munros: Schiehallion

Date walked: 02/06/2012

It's half term and we decided we were going to have a second shot at Schiehallion in...safer weather. Last time we got to around half the way up (well I say that I don't really know and I might be exaggerating just a little). We drove up from my auntie's house on the borders up to Schiehallion and set off without much further ado, because Auntie Sheila had to be home before it got too late.

Began walking up the excellent path, remembering just how wet it had been last time and shuddering a little. As it happens, it was almost the complete opposite of how it had been, if maybe a little windy. By this time Dad, Sheila and Sheila's dog Pippa were racing ahead, leaving me and dear old Mum plodding along afterwards. Pippa was very worried that we were not walking together, and kept racing between the gap. We were all trying to figure out just where we had given up and gone home the last time, with no luck at all.

After a while, we began to get lots of rocks and stones, and some nasty false summits. I was sure we were getting close to the top. At last I spotted a cairn rising up over the last false summit, and rushed towards it. I could see Dad and Sheila waiting for us. Dad asked me to come and look at an 'interesting optical illusion.' As I got closer, a huge lump of rock rose up ahead of me. And I was so sure i had reached the top! Dad's 'interesting illusion' was explained. According to Dad, we were actually on the summit, and that bit only looks higher from here, and that is why people always climb it. Humph.

We had to keep plodding on of course, but i was getting really annoyed with all these horrible false summits by now, and it didn't help that we were actually trying to negotiate a very large and scary boulder field. The dog was not amused and kept having to stop and find another route, her having no hands and all. I was getting very sore ankles but was being very good and not moaning wink wink. At least there were no more false summits. Sheila and Pippa were racing on ahead, but Dad( the kind and lovely soul that he is) stopped to wait for us. Not much later Sheila appeared on the summit, closely followed by her canine friend.

now it was just a matter of keeping going and not falling over, and after a few minutes, we were all sat on the top. Dad cracked out the espresso maker and Mum revealed the stove and meths, and then we all began a heated search for the kettle. Mum was certain that she had put it in and began to blame Dad for taking it out of her pack, before realising that she had in fact probably taken it out herself. No tea, just coffee. Blech. We sat for a while and ate leftover hog roast sandwiches, which are really very good. Dog whined and whined for us to get going again, so we did. I felt very chuffed because I raced ahead accompanied by Pippa, and the others had to run to catch up. Pippa got very agitated because we weren't all together, and kept running back and forth again. We got back to the car in no time at all, and went for a cuppa in Loch Tummel inn- very nice but not exceptional. Sat at a table outside and froze a little. Sheila went back to the borders and we carried on north to grandma's house, for pie and beans. Very nice. Having a nice rest day (which probably includes a bike ride, some swimming and a village fete somewhere) and then tomorrow we are off to the Cairngorms. Whoopee-do. Here are some pictures :)

just setting off... wish us luck!


looking back- huge damage in the trees, probably wind but we dont know

some hills :)

a nice wee rest on the top

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Hanging stone N yorks

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a very wet day out on the cobbler

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