Coastal Walk: Hopeman to Burghead (and back)

Date walked: 26/12/2013
Distance: 9.3km
Ascent: 80m
Comments: 2
Views: 5933

Spey Bay to Kingston on Spey (and back)

Date walked: 13/12/2013
Distance: 8km
Ascent: 50m
Comments: 2
Views: 4066

An interesting route up Carn Bhac

Munros: Càrn Bhac
Date walked: 30/11/2013
Distance: 24.2km
Ascent: 920m
Comments: 1
Views: 4412

Coastal Walk: Macduff to Gardenstown

Date walked: 24/11/2013
Distance: 15.6km
Ascent: 760m
Views: 4774

Loughrigg Fell, Gummer's How and Whitbarrow

Wainwrights: Loughrigg Fell
Date walked: 14/11/2013
Comments: 1
Views: 3226

St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield

Wainwrights: Birks, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Hartsop above How, St Sunday Crag
Hewitts: Fairfield, Hart Crag, St Sunday Crag
Date walked: 10/11/2013
Distance: 16.1km
Ascent: 1135m
Comments: 2
Views: 8305

Place Fell

Wainwrights: Place Fell
Hewitts: Place Fell
Date walked: 09/11/2013
Distance: 12.8km
Ascent: 710m
Comments: 2
Views: 4490

Conival and Ben More Assynt

Munros: Ben More Assynt, Conival
Date walked: 02/11/2013
Distance: 17.7km
Ascent: 1235m
Comments: 8
Views: 5490

Rough walking over the South Morar Marilyns

Sub 2000s: Beinn nan Cabar, Sidhean Mòr (Morar)
Date walked: 20/10/2013
Distance: 15.7km
Ascent: 1230m
Comments: 2
Views: 2810

Beinn a'Chearcaill (Torridon) - a wee classic!

Grahams: Beinn a' Chearcaill
Date walked: 11/10/2013
Distance: 13.5km
Ascent: 785m
Comments: 3
Views: 3827

Trekking in Ladakh: Part Two

Date walked: 28/08/2013
Comments: 3
Views: 1980

Trekking in Ladakh: Part One

Date walked: 27/08/2013
Comments: 8
Views: 3279

Trekking in Ladakh: Part Three (Stok Kangri)

Date walked: 22/08/2013
Comments: 13
Views: 4119

Trekking in Ladakh: Prologue

Date walked: 10/08/2013
Comments: 3
Views: 2545

Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dale Head & Hindscarth

Wainwrights: Cat Bells, Dale Head, High Spy, Hindscarth, Maiden Moor
Hewitts: Dale Head, High Spy, Hindscarth
Date walked: 13/07/2013
Distance: 16.3km
Ascent: 1125m
Comments: 10
Views: 9888

Blencathra (via Sharp Edge)

Wainwrights: Bannerdale Crags, Blencathra, Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale Common, Souther Fell
Hewitts: Bannerdale Crags, Blencathra, Bowscale Fell
Date walked: 11/07/2013
Distance: 18.1km
Ascent: 1030m
Comments: 5
Views: 5097

Glas Maol and Cairn of Claise (from Glen Isla)

Munros: Cairn of Claise, Glas Maol
Date walked: 06/07/2013
Distance: 24.7km
Ascent: 1280m
Comments: 10
Views: 6042

Battling angels and devils to reach the source of the Dee

Munros: Braeriach, Cairn Toul, Sgòr an Lochain Uaine, The Devil's Point
Date walked: 07/06/2013
Distance: 44km
Ascent: 2110m
Comments: 7
Views: 8342

Fair Isle - Ward Hill and Puffins

Sub 2000s: Ward Hill (Fair Isle)
Date walked: 26/05/2013
Comments: 7
Views: 5481

Da Sneug, Da Kame and Da Noup (Foula, Shetland)

Sub 2000s: Da Noup (Foula), Da Sneug (Foula)
Date walked: 25/05/2013
Distance: 12km
Ascent: 990m
Comments: 8
Views: 6985

Plenty bird action on the Isle of Noss, Shetland

Sub 2000s: Noss Head (Noss)
Date walked: 21/05/2013
Distance: 8.2km
Comments: 8
Views: 4025

Three wee hills on three Hebridean islands

Sub 2000s: Beinn Sciathain (Eriskay), Beinn Tangabhal (Barra), Roineabhal (South Uist)
Date walked: 09/04/2013
Comments: 5
Views: 3590

Theiseabhal Mor and Beinn Chliaid (Vatersay and Barra)

Sub 2000s: Beinn Chliaid (Barra), Theiseabhal Mòr (Vatersay)
Date walked: 08/04/2013
Comments: 4
Views: 3160

1, 2

A great day on Gulvain

Munros: Gulvain
Date walked: 29/03/2013
Distance: 21.5km
Ascent: 1360m
Comments: 16
Views: 7423

Ben Avon (via Creag an Dail Mhor and Carn Eas)

Munros: Ben Avon
Date walked: 01/03/2013
Distance: 34.1km
Ascent: 1300m
Comments: 4
Views: 4124

Meadie Ridge

Sub 2000s: Meadie Ridge
Date walked: 24/02/2013
Distance: 7.5km
Ascent: 265m
Comments: 2
Views: 2093

Ben Klibreck (from the Crask Inn)

Munros: Ben Klibreck
Date walked: 23/02/2013
Distance: 20.3km
Ascent: 1130m
Comments: 11
Views: 11841

A wonderful day on Beinn Alligin

Munros: Sgùrr Mòr (Beinn Alligin), Tom na Gruagaich (Beinn Alligin)
Date walked: 17/02/2013
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 1200m
Comments: 14
Views: 8020

Herman Law to Bodesbeck Law (and back)

Grahams: Andrewhinney Hill
Donalds: Andrewhinney Hill, Bell Craig, Bodesbeck Law, Herman Law
Date walked: 02/02/2013
Distance: 18.5km
Ascent: 890m
Comments: 12
Views: 6292

Ben Buie and 'S Airde Beinn (Isle of Mull)

Grahams: Ben Buie
Sub 2000s: S Airde Beinn
Date walked: 19/01/2013
Comments: 5
Views: 5420


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