Picking up Splinters around Scandale

Wainwrights: High Pike (Eastern Fells), Little Hart Crag, Low Pike, Middle Dodd, Red Screes
Hewitts: Little Hart Crag, Red Screes

Date walked: 06/06/2021

Time taken: 6 hours

Distance: 16.9km

Ascent: 1036m

I am well behind in my reports for several reasons I'll not go into, but thought I'd start to catch up by seeing what I can remember :lol: from this day as it seems, and is, a while ago now.

My aim was to complete a Scandale round which would conveniently knock off the remaining Eastern fells I'd still to complete on round two. I could of course have started from Ambleside but decided upon a spacious layby towards the bottom of the Struggle. When I turned up (fairly) bright and early the layby was close to being filled by two 'overnighters' in camper vans. I managed to squeeze in, held my breath at the stench from the on board chemical toilet, and set off down the struggle on what was a truly blissful morning.

The Struggle on a perfect morning

Middle Grove Farm

Dramatic clouds over Wansfell

To avoid the climb at the end of the walk I chose a clockwise direction and was soon enjoying the shade on the track up Scandale heading towards High Sweden Bridge. It was soon obvious, once the climb started in earnest that It was going to be a really warm day and the breakfast stop at the summit of Low Pike was most welcome.

Nab Scar

Lakeland Lane

Bowfell and the Langdales


High Sweden Bridge

Scandale Bluebells

Little Hart Crag at the head of Scandale


Light and shade in Scandale

Wall up to Low Pike

Low Pike Summit

Hot Dog

Breakfast done with the climb continued up to High Pike which once reached, an easier gradient could be enjoyed. My initial plan was to take in Dove Crag at this point but I decided that High Bakestones was a more fitting destination for a Scandale round so off we trotted to visit the one remaining cairn from a purge a few years back. The survivor is a beautifully built construction and in all honesty far more elegant in it's isolation than with a gaggle of inferior siblings.

Scandale Beck

Ahead to High Pike

Back to a sunlit Low Pike

Little Hart Crag

Looking back down the ridge

Coniston Fells

High Pike Summit


Towards the Scafells

First glimpse of Brothers Water

Fine Cairn on High Bakestones

Height now needed to be lost as we plunged down towards Little Hart Crag. This day could not be more of a contrast when compared to my last visit to this fell top when conditions verged on total white out. This time I wandered over the summit before finding a bed of Bilburrys in the little hollow over looking the view of Brothers Water and enjoyed lunch in the warm, calm conditions. This had to be one of the nicest, most comfortable lunch stops I've ever enjoyed on my Lakeland wanderings, pure bliss. :D

Scandale Tarn

High Hartsop Dodd and Brothers Water from Little Hart Crag

Hughie cutathon part one

Part two

Part three

One last Hughie shot

Towards Helvellyn from Little Hart Crag

Scandale from the summit of Little Hart Crag

Next up was the losing of more height as we dropped down to Scandale Head before heading off the path in the direction of Middle Dodd. If I'm honest I'd hoped to come across a trod for this section but none materialised out of the rough uneven terrain and with Hughie objecting to my choice of route it became a real chore which eventually came to an end when the summit was reached. I sat an had a rest and a few more rations and also started to notice the pain in my shins which I hadn't suffered for years and never in my hill walking days. That said I had been a bit sore following some recent walks but thought it was more fitness issues. With not a lot I could do about it at this point we plodded up the final top of the day, Red Screes.

Scandale Head

Caiston Glenn

Middle Dodd Summit

Red Screes

Looking back to middle Dodd

Final top reached I found an out of the way spot to enjoy the views before starting the long slog down the broad, poorly defined South ridge. This was a long, easy but largely dull descent brightened in part with the lovely view of Rydal Water which comes into view around half way down.

Trig point on Red Screes

...and again, looking North

South from Red Screes

My eyes!

Middle Dodd from Red Screes

Summit tarn, Red Screes

Kirkstone Pass

Rydal Water

Downhill all the way

One last shot

Once back to the Struggle and walking on tarmac my shins were certainly feeling it as I hobbled back to the car on what was now a roasting hot afternoon at this altitude. The next few days I was in a lot of pain and eventually I looked at the Svartz footbeds of my Alt-Bergs. Unsurprisingly for a set of footbeds I'd had since I purchased the boots many years back and didn't replace when I got the boots re-soled, were totally gone and almost see through in places :lol: Well that might explain things.

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