Plan C on the Campsies

Sub 2000s: Earl's Seat

Date walked: 10/02/2019

Time taken: 3.6 hours

Distance: 10.5km

Ascent: 710m

Sub 2k Marilyns: Earl's Seat
Date: 10/02/2019.
Distance: 10.5 km.
Ascent: 710m.
Time taken: 3 hours, 30 minutes.
Weather: Mild, patches of sun, then cold wind and snow.

Ben Lomond was a possibility today, buy we woke up late and the weather wasn't looking quite good enough. Besides, Jackie was trying to ease herself back into walking after an injury, so we opted for something lower. We were headed for the Menteith Hills initially, but on our way through Strathblane, Jackie got bored of driving and we parked up at the distillery instead. Earl's seat was the new plan, with Dumgoyne on the at back...of course neither of us had brought the map for this! Never mind - it was an area Jackie was pretty familiar with.

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Dumgoyne from Strathblane

A steep start had us up the side of Dumgoyne in no time, and before too long we could see Loch Lomond in the distance. The route continued through some pretty contorted ground, and was quite interesting.

Loch Lomond

North across Killearn

Heading up Garloch Hill


Then we were on Garloch Hill and the summit of Earl's seat could be seen across the plateau. There were great views from the northern escarpment, which the path followed. Stuc a'Choin and Ben Vorlich were visible, as well as something much more snowy beyond, which we decided must be Meall nan Tarmachan. Some ups and downs later, we were passed by a fellrunner who warned us to watch out for some waist-deep bog near the summit. Thankfully we managed to avoid it!

Luss Hills over Loch Lomond


Loch Lomond again

On Garloch Hill


Menacing skies to the south

Ballagan Tops cairn

Towards Ben Venue

The air had felt very mild on the way over, and the weather spring-like, but as soon as we reached the summit, and icy wind blew up and it began to snow :lol: . By the time we had taken photos, it began to clear again, but it was too cold to sit around and eat lunch now. We headed back the same way, skipping a couple of bumps this time.

Loch Lomond from Earl's Seat

Little Corrie

Menteith Hills

Ben Ledi and Stuc a’ Chroin

Heading back

Looking down on Dumgoyne

Jackie decided that she had done enough ascent for the day, so I went over Dumgoyne on my own. It was pretty steep up the back, and the ground slithery, but worth it for the views.

Garloch Hill from Dumgoyne

East along Strathblane

South towards Glasgow

Looking down on Strathblane

I caught Jackie up on the descent to the car and we walked the last bit together. Not a bad little stroll - Glasgow certainly has some decent hills very close by :) .

Almost back

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Carn na h-Easgainn in the snow again

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Winter kicks off in style on Beinn Dearg

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Northern Cairngorms 'winter' wander

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Achmelvich, Suileag and Suilven: New Year jackpot

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Seeing in the Bells in Fisherfield

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Lochivraon walk-in

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Carn Glas-choire mince pie burnoff

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Christmas 2018 - Inverness local walks

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Christmas Eve Stroll on Beinn Tharsuinn

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