A Centurion on Little Wyvis

Corbetts: Little Wyvis

Date walked: 06/09/2023

Time taken: 3.45 hours

Distance: 10km

Ascent: 650m

No, not a Roman legionnaire lost in time and place, on an eternal search for the Eagle of the Ninth. Neither was it a cosplay gathering of re-enactors plotting their invasion of Garve before occupying Inverness.

Instead, it was me. Last month I completed my first century of Corbetts on its unassuming top. I’d originally thought this milestone would be achieved on a summit of greater presence, prominence or significance. Not wishing to belittle, it’s difficult to disagree with Irvine Butterfield’s description of Little Wyvis as being merely a ‘bland hump,’ or see it as place to celebrate something special on arrival.

The Black Water falls

The approach from the old Black Water bridge by the A835 at Silverbridge is the antitheses of Roman, characterised across the world by long, straight routes with a single-minded purpose. This track zigs and zigs repeatedly, its saving grace being a solid gravel base to the very top, not an interminable boggy trudge – and having worn big boots for a couple of days, it was with relief that trail shoes sufficed.

Zig zag, gate, zig zag, gate etc. etc.

There’s not much to pad out a report, after all, it was just a drive-by snatch, grabbed on the way home. If it’s not in your backyard, and ideal as a spot for last-minute-decision exercise, how far would you drive?

The only stretch of the route that wasn't on a gravelled track ...

... to the summit itself and views to the west

Looking down to trace the zig zags

I now no longer have to worry, when driving along the A835, when I’m going to stop and make the dash.

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