First munro: In.. at the deep end

Munros: Inaccessible Pinnacle, Sgùrr Mhic Chòinnich

Date walked: 24/06/2016

Time taken: 10 hours

Distance: 10km

Ascent: 1186m

Just to set the scene, this adventure began for me last year, when Simon arranged a group and guide to climb the munros on Skye. He suggested that I might want to climb the In Pinn! I couldn't go but Simon, Jimmy, Andy, Karen and Martin all went off to bag the Cuillin munros. I'm still plodding my way through the Wainwrights and never imagined doing anything like that. They managed 8 of them but the weather turned bad and they arranged to go back this year for the other four. This year I was able to go......
I fell in love with Skye before we even got on the island. I was intimidated by the thought of two days walking and climbing the Black Cuillins, but looking forward to it at the same time.

Day one..we set off from Glen Brittle BMC hut, fighting off a good collection of midges. I even swallowed one as we started walking. We passed the beautiful Eas Mor Waterfall, and soon the mild steep climb started to get a lot steeper.
Looking back at the starting point

Eas Mor waterfall

There was already some steep scrambling to do but it was fine. Paddy explained how the basalt rocks could get really slippery. The day had started a bit damp and claggy so we just took a bit of care. There was also a bit of wind from a few directions, but nothing to do with the weather. We put the helmets and harnesses on before we even got to the top, ready for action! Before we knew it we were making our way along the ridge towards the In Pinn.
The In Pinn, just poking out

There it is!

We were starting to get excited, worried, nervous, maybe many other things. We were all going up though, and that was definite.
On our way to the base of the In Pinn

Karen and Jimmy went first

Karen on her way down again

I went next, with Andy following. The belaying was done in 3 stages. I have to say that I really enjoyed the climb and wasn't even scared, but it was very reassuring to see Paddy's face at these points. There are loads of hand and foot holds and we made quite good progress.
Me on my way down. Can't believe what I've just done

Andy on his way down too. He's got brown trousers on which may have been useful

It was hard to believe what we'd just done, but it was such a great feeling. Now we could go and sit on the ridge and watch Simon and Martin have all the fun.
Martin and Simon looking like they're enjoying themselves

Martin and Simon looking very comfortable on there. They were in a queue for coming back down

Simon on his way down, having touched the very top of the In Pinn

We sat on the ridge for a while so Paddy could have some well earned nosh. It was great sitting on the ridge just looking at where we'd been. I'd just climbed my first munro but it didn't really sink in. I was so pleased to have done it and survived, especially as I got paid that day. It felt like being on top of the world, or Mordor, especially when the mist kept coming back.
The time came to move back along the ridge, ditch our backpacks again and get cracking onto Sgurr Mhic Choinnich, our next port of call. I didn't really know what to expect as I'd spent most of my time reading about the Pinn and watching youtube videos about it. I thought everything else would be easier after that. I was very wrong.
Looking towards Mhic Choinnich

Making our way along some tricky and exposed bits

It was best not to think about it

It really did feel like Lord of the Rings territory here. The mist was probably a blessing where the really scary bits were. We arrived at a flat exposed boulder with a very steep drop, and Paddy attached us to a cable just for that bit. After that it was all scrambling. It was great :)


There was a lot of mist up there so the views were hit and miss, but we all touched the summit. Munro number two. By this time I was looking forward to getting back to terra firma. I'd enjoyed the scrambling but these two munros were enough for me today.
A nice view from the ridge. Don't know the name of the tarn

Looking back on Mhic Choinnich

Our way down was via a mean looking scree slope. I've been up and down a few of them in the lakes and Wales, but this one is a beast. Karen said it wasn't as bad as the stone chute they made acquaintance with last year, coming down from Sgurr Alasdair I think. I spent a lot of the descent on my backside and the rest of it trying not to do a face plant in the scree stuff. I was filthy by the time we got down.
Scree surfing

Paddy and Martin have got the hang of it

Martin took many more photos of our descent on the scree slope, many, many more! Unfortunately there is no room for them as I've used the limit ha ha.
Oh go on then, just another one.
Scree is evil

I really enjoyed my introduction to the Cuillins, and the Munros. It was hard work but fun. I'm so pleased that Simon, Karen, Jimmy Andy and Martin bagged them this time. We planned to do Sgurr nan Gillean and Am Basteir the next day. That would be a full house for the gang.
I'd just like to say thank you to Martin for letting me pilfer his excellent photos. Most of the ones in my report are his work, some of them taken by Karen too. I threw a few of my own in. Thank you also to the group for their support and company on my mini Cuillin adventure. Lastly, a massive thank you to Paddy, our legend of a guide, for keeping us alive and giving us a fantastic day.

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