A cold day on Carn a'Ghille Chearr

Attachment(s) Grahams: Càrn a'Ghille Chearr
Date walked: 03/12/2016
Distance: 13.4km
Ascent: 512m
Comments: 2
Views: 1079

Blath Bhalg - an easy hill with great views

Attachment(s) Grahams: Blath Bhalg
Date walked: 02/12/2016
Distance: 6.8km
Ascent: 334m
Views: 1757

Little hill, big views - Ben Bowie

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Ben Bowie
Date walked: 07/11/2016
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 300m
Comments: 4
Views: 2022

An icy blast on Creagan a' Chaise

Attachment(s) Grahams: Creagan a' Chaise
Date walked: 13/10/2016
Distance: 11km
Ascent: 520m
Comments: 1
Views: 986

A weather window on Tom Meadhoin

Attachment(s) Grahams: Tom Meadhoin
Date walked: 10/09/2016
Distance: 7km
Ascent: 590m
Views: 954

Ruadh-stac Beag

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Ruadh-stac Beag
Date walked: 14/08/2016
Distance: 15km
Ascent: 970m
Views: 925

Keep moving ... nothing to see here

Attachment(s) Grahams: An Ruadh-mheallan
Date walked: 13/08/2016
Distance: 6km
Ascent: 457m
Views: 935

Windy Standard & Alhang

Attachment(s) Grahams: Windy Standard
Donalds: Alhang, Windy Standard
Date walked: 01/08/2016
Distance: 14.5km
Ascent: 628m
Comments: 1
Views: 1890

A long walk - but worth it - Cnap Chaochan Aitinn

Attachment(s) Grahams: Cnap Chaochan Aitinn
Date walked: 18/07/2016
Distance: 19km
Ascent: 723m
Views: 998

Geallaig Hill

Attachment(s) Grahams: Geallaig Hill
Date walked: 17/07/2016
Distance: 9.4km
Ascent: 343m
Views: 1098

After Geallaig Hill ..... Meall Alvie - just to end the day

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Meall Alvie
Date walked: 17/07/2016
Distance: 4.5km
Ascent: 241m
Comments: 4
Views: 1693

Mount Blair - a short walk but great views

Attachment(s) Grahams: Mount Blair
Date walked: 16/07/2016
Distance: 4.5km
Ascent: 393m
Views: 938

Don't Cnoc Ceislein

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Cnoc Ceislein
Date walked: 30/06/2016
Distance: 9.3km
Comments: 1
Views: 1477

Glas-bheinn Mhor (Loch Ness)

Attachment(s) Grahams: Glas-bheinn Mhor
Date walked: 29/06/2016
Distance: 13km
Views: 1109

A wet and windy Carn na Coinnich

Attachment(s) Grahams: Càrn na Coinnich
Date walked: 27/06/2016
Distance: 11.7km
Views: 883

Stob a Ghrianain - Druim Fada

Attachment(s) Grahams: Druim Fada (Corpach)
Date walked: 02/06/2016
Distance: 9.2km
Ascent: 680m
Views: 1747

First of June scorcher - Sgurr an Utha

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Sgùrr an Utha
Date walked: 01/06/2016
Distance: 7.86km
Ascent: 782m
Views: 1011

Truth or Daer

Attachment(s) Grahams: Ballencleuch Law
Donalds: Ballencleuch Law, Comb Law, Scaw'd Law, Wedder Law
Date walked: 29/05/2016
Distance: 17.7km
Ascent: 700m
Views: 1425

Beinn Uird - hard up, easy down

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Beinn Uird
Date walked: 24/05/2016
Distance: 12km
Ascent: 700m
Views: 1243

Bright and breezy on Glen Artney's Beinn Dearg

Attachment(s) Grahams: Beinn Dearg
Date walked: 09/05/2016
Distance: 13km
Ascent: 770m
Views: 1175

Last in the Ochils - Blairdenon Hill

Attachment(s) Donalds: Blairdenon Hill
Date walked: 24/04/2016
Distance: 14.5km
Comments: 3
Views: 2095

Two subs from Girvan

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Grey Hill
Date walked: 20/04/2016
Distance: 15.5km
Views: 1075

Stob an Eas

Attachment(s) Grahams: Stob an Eas
Date walked: 14/04/2016
Views: 1296

Beinn Dearg Menteith Hills

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Beinn Dearg (Menteith)
Date walked: 11/04/2016
Views: 1796

Craig of Monievreckie

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Craig of Monievreckie
Date walked: 11/04/2016
Distance: 7km
Views: 1328

Brown Carrick Hill

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Brown Carrick Hill
Date walked: 07/04/2016
Comments: 1
Views: 2020

Two very different Loch Ness Subs

Attachment(s) Sub 2000s: Creag nan Clag, Tom Bailgeann
Date walked: 03/03/2016
Comments: 2
Views: 1605

Frozen tears on Carn na h-Easgainn

Attachment(s) Grahams: Càrn na h-Easgainn
Date walked: 28/02/2016
Views: 1248

rob munbett

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Activity: Hill Bagger
Pub: a good malt in a hostel
Mountain: An Teallach
Place: Kintail
Gear: my Hilleberg tent
Member: none
Ideal day out: A good hill on a clear winter's day on crisp snow - then back for venison, dark ale and a good malt with friends

Munros: 257
Corbetts: 133
Grahams: 68
Donalds: 52
Wainwrights: 40
Hewitts: 30
Sub 2000: 93

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Trips: 11
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Ascent: 5451m
Sub2000s: 1


Trips: 17
Distance: 137.07 km
Ascent: 8697m
Corbetts: 3
Grahams: 8
Donalds: 7
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Ascent: 5696m
Grahams: 4
Sub2000s: 16
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Trips: 14
Distance: 91.35 km
Ascent: 5418m
Grahams: 5
Donalds: 4
Sub2000s: 7


Trips: 28
Distance: 251.86 km
Ascent: 9643m
Corbetts: 2
Grahams: 16
Donalds: 7
Sub2000s: 11


Trips: 12
Distance: 17.6 km
Grahams: 3
Donalds: 2
Sub2000s: 9


Trips: 23
Distance: 11.5 km
Corbetts: 1
Grahams: 7
Donalds: 4
Sub2000s: 18


Trips: 20
Distance: 22 km
Munros: 2
Corbetts: 2
Grahams: 11
Donalds: 3
Sub2000s: 7


Trips: 3
Munros: 2
Grahams: 1

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