Stob na Cruaiche

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Attachment(s) Grahams: Stob na Cruaiche
Date walked: 03/05/2021
Distance: 25.3km
Ascent: 680m
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Tier-four-ly crossing the boundary on a sunny day

Date walked: 25/11/2020

Distance: 11.7km

Ascent: 110m

It's now been two months and counting since I've last been on the hills for two main reasons:

1 After returning from a trip to Knoydart in the mid September heatwave, our washing machine chewed up the zip on my Goretex Pro waterproof; Scottish Mountain Gear did a great job of replacing the main zipper but it was early November before it was returned and I wasn't for venturing out without a waterproof......


2 Tighter restrictions then began and we were placed in Tier 3 then Tier 4.......

We'd been hunting round for different ideas for "longer" walks - not that easy in a landlocked council with the third equal smallest area. OK so we do have some trig points - these include:

- one on the top of Corse Hill in the middle of a wind farm which is a reasonable cycle but we've been a couple of times before and

- and another one up the road................ 8)


The "Dams to Darnley" route is a fairly recent development so we thought we'd have a look at it. It's more of a through route so we had a look at options for extending it into a loop. We'd originally planned to head up north for a week in November but those plans had to be cancelled given our council tier but we'd taken some leave anyway to try to use some up before the year end. Rotten weather the day before saw us finishing off some DIY. Today dawned bright and sunny but I had to work in the afternoon which left is with the morning for a walk.

We drove through Mearns Cross then over to and down Dodside Road/B769 for a short way before turning off right down Finmgalton Road /Glanderston Road /Balgraystone Road and parked in the Dams To Darnley car park just before the railway line to the west side of Balgray Reservoir.

From the car park, we followed the path to the NW of Balgray reservoir then over a bridge over the rail tracks.

001 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Balgray reservoir just after leaving the car park

The path took us down to join Springfield Road on southern edge of Barrhead. No pavement here so needed to be careful walking down towards Aurs Road. The next section was on pavement until just after Barrhead High School when we detoured through Cowan Park.

002 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Cowan Park band stand

003 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Cowan Park, Barrhead

We had hoped to be able to take an offroad route to the Dams-to-Darnley country park but couldn't see a possible route on the map. Further on it looked as though it may be possible so may go back some time to have a look. Back on to the pavement we headed towards Nitshill/Darnley.

004 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Darnley / Parkhouse Road bridge turret

Just after the bridge we got to the roadsign signalling the start of Glasgow council area - with "great trepidation" we crossed the boundary from one council to the next............... :think: :eh: :problem: 8)

Before reaching the next roundabout we came across some signs for the park and left the road.

005 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
West towards Barrhead

The track took us towards the Aurs and Brock burns. Further along we passed a path junction but kept going for a bit until we realised that the path we were on would cut off part of the route we wanted to take. Doubled back then followed northwards on the left bank of the Brock burn.

006 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Brock burn

We could hear traffic in the distance but couldn't see any of it. Shortly before we would have arrived at the main Nitshill Road, we crossed a bridge and started south down the right bank of the burn.

007 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Small weir or "urban waterfall".....

The burn then widened for a short distance into a pond within which was a small island - some swans near the edge.

008 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg

009 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Brock burn

After passing close to the boundary of Darnley Mains, we were then properly into the country park and on to more substantial paths. Through Walkmill Glen heading south towards the various reservoirs.

010 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Bridge built by LOTR hobbits ?

011 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg

012 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Waterfall through the trees

The path then started rising upwards towards the first of the reservoirs. We detoured off down some steps to have a look at the old structures below the reservoir.

013 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Waulkmill Glen reservoir building

014 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Waulkmill Glen reservoir lower structure

Then up the path to the first reservoir.

015 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Waulkmill Glen reservoir

Blue skies and sun made all the difference to this walk. In the sun, it was actually pretty warm. The path continues on between Waulkmill Glen and Littleton reservoirs towards the railway viaduct.

016 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Littleton reservoir

017 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Railway bridge / viaduct

Then to the west of Ryat Linn reservoir before getting back up to the main Newton Mearns to Barrhead (Aurs Road) road.

018 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Outflow from Balgray reservoir into Ryat linn reservoir

We then crossed the road and rejoined the path which would take us round Balgray reservoir and back to the car.

019 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Balgray reservoir

020 - D-2-D 25nov2020.jpg
Balgray reservoir

Good to get out and not a bad walk even if some of it is on the pavement/roadside.

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Three Corbetts and two high camps in glorious Knoydart

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Blue skies and inversions on some hills in Assynt

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A fairly long way for a remote duo

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Carn Glas-choire

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Attachment(s) Grahams: Càrn Glas-choire
Date walked: 03/08/2020
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Victoria Bridge loop

Attachment(s) Grahams: Beinn Suidhe, Meall Tairbh
Sub 2000s: Beinn a'Chuirn (Argyll)
Date walked: 12/07/2020
Distance: 22km
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Grahams: Fiarach
Date walked: 19/01/2020
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 500m
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Fisherfield summit camp in the September heatwave

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn a' Chaisgein Mòr, Beinn Dearg Bheag, Beinn Dearg Mòr
Grahams: Beinn a' Chaisgein Beag
Date walked: 20/09/2019
Distance: 47km
Ascent: 2300m
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