Bidean nam Bian 'n' Stob Coire nan Lochan

Munros: Bidean nam Bian

Date walked: 18/11/2019

Time taken: 6.5 hours

Sleeplander oot fur a wee donder. Glen Coe th'day - how come nae?

Oan th' road afore seven 'n' at th' carpark in th' Glen by 930. Th'day a stravaig up th' glens 'n' hills o' Glen Coe. Foremaist, tae fin' th' zigzags oan Gearr Aonach. Memory isnae whit 'twas bit ah remembered tae boost up afore th' scree.
A zig

Wance th' foremaist ledge is spotted ye ken ye'r in th' richt steid. Bit arms aren't as pure tough as thay used tae be! aye, na heavy waither. Alang th' pure wide ridge towards Stob Coire nan Lochan.
Stob Coire nan Lochan - ye bonnie
Ainlie a few years sin ah wis lest 'ere, bit auld lang syne o' a winters day in '92 whin th' slushy snaw made fur heavy legs. Nae sae fit noo, 'n' th' ridge gibble a while, bit topped oot wi'oot awfy much heavy breathing 'n' hud th' tap tae masell. A muckle pairtie hud appeared lower doon th' ridge, bit thay wur taking thair time tae.
View tae th'Ben

Stolled aff thro' th' powder, whilk hud a bawherr crust oan it, doon tae th' bealach atween th' Stob 'n' th' Bidean. A' in th' sun oan th' descent, didnae need th' jaiket though,juist th' charity shop tap 'n' then in th' shade in th' reascent - everything in mah favour. Teuk a while though 'n' noo some heavy breathing. Twa baggers descended fae a wee bit north o' th' tap o' th' bidean doon intae th' coire, ah marked that as a guid route. Na deep snaw. Na avalanche risk. Soon at th' tap o' Bidean nam Bian 'n' ah hud th' tap tae masell again. King o' Kings!
Bidean view tae Mull

Hud a piece 'n' th' lest o' th' cuppa 'n' then follaed th' footprints doon tae th' lip intae th' coire. A' braw, crakin' quick descent. 'n' better than gaun back doon tae th' bealach. Didnae uise th' axe hardly at a' . In th' coire thinking aboot th' rescue ah did 'ere wi' mah brother - mibbie 15 years ago noo. A lassie tripped oan her crampons near th' bealach thare 'n' slid doon th' brae. Broke her ankle 'n' gashed her heid. We cried th' ben rescue 'n' git her doon lower in th' coire tae th' flatter bit 'n' git th' helicopter oot. Mah brother hud tae gang back tae th' tap o' th' bidean tae git th' phane signal though, sae it teuk a while. Back in th' mirk tae th' motor that day, bit na problems th'day. A' in shade bit pure wide daylight in th' lost glen, whaur a few photographers wur lingering 'n' a stravaiger passed heading up th' glen wi' a muckle backpack 'n' tent. A cauld nicht fur him! Back doon beside th' bonnie wood 'n' ower th' burn (pausing fur a lang sip) 'n' at th' motor afore 4.
Tap o' Lost Valley
Six 'n' a hauf hours juist noo, or wis it closer tae seven, weel worth it fur a day aff, seized fae th' jaws o' th' economic system. Aonach eagach wid hae bin awfy much th'day though, git tae git oot mair!

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