High Spy via Nitting Haws and Rigghead Quarries.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: High Spy
Hewitts: High Spy
Date walked: 06/11/2020
Distance: 10.31km
Ascent: 657m
Comments: 4
Views: 726

A wet autumn ramble through Borrowdale.

Attachment(s) Date walked: 22/10/2020
Distance: 12.02km
Ascent: 311m
Comments: 4
Views: 602

Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike and a rethink at Caudale Head.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Caudale Moor, Hartsop Dodd
Hewitts: Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor)
Date walked: 16/10/2020
Distance: 17.09km
Ascent: 818m
Views: 444

I hadn't been to this Place in quite a while.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Place Fell
Hewitts: Place Fell
Date walked: 08/10/2020
Distance: 15.51km
Ascent: 854m
Views: 406

It's Monday, and I've got Sunday on my mind.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Arnison Crag, Birks, St Sunday Crag
Hewitts: St Sunday Crag
Date walked: 21/09/2020
Distance: 15.51km
Ascent: 909m
Views: 413

Summer had forsaken the fells around Mardale.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Harter Fell (Far Eastern Fells), High Street, Mardale Ill Bell
Hewitts: Harter Fell (Far Eastern Fells), High Street
Date walked: 10/09/2020
Distance: 11km
Ascent: 786m
Comments: 2
Views: 521

Fairfield? Almost, but not on this walk.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Nab Scar, Stone Arthur
Hewitts: Great Rigg
Date walked: 29/08/2020
Distance: 10.8km
Ascent: 824m
Comments: 2
Views: 588

"velvet curtains in sunlight", another Howgills experience.

Attachment(s) Hewitts: Fell Head, The Calf
Date walked: 14/08/2020
Distance: 12.5km
Ascent: 739m
Comments: 8
Views: 859

A walk to the Pennine's highest.

Attachment(s) Hewitts: Cross Fell
Date walked: 07/08/2020
Distance: 17.29km
Ascent: 788m
Comments: 6
Views: 809

A red berry day.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Seat Sandal
Hewitts: Seat Sandal
Date walked: 03/08/2020
Distance: 9.7km
Ascent: 658m
Views: 415

A walk along the Cumbria Way to Great Calva.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Great Calva
Hewitts: Great Calva
Date walked: 30/06/2020
Distance: 13.18km
Ascent: 482m
Comments: 4
Views: 804

25th June and a Lake District invasion.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag
Date walked: 25/06/2020
Distance: 13.75km
Ascent: 580m
Comments: 2
Views: 641

Ullscarf by way of Wyth Burn Valley.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Ullscarf
Hewitts: Ullscarf
Date walked: 19/06/2020
Distance: 14.5km
Ascent: 658m
Comments: 4
Views: 863

A short starter of two by three, for E.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Raise, White Side
Hewitts: Raise, White Side
Date walked: 01/06/2020
Distance: 9.84km
Ascent: 771m
Comments: 2
Views: 608

We saw raven's, but not on St Raven's Edge.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Caudale Moor, Hartsop Dodd
Hewitts: Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor)
Date walked: 06/03/2020
Distance: 12.8km
Ascent: 753m
Comments: 4
Views: 957

Waterfalls, tarns, quarries, a cathedral carved out of stone

Attachment(s) Date walked: 14/02/2020
Distance: 12.3km
Ascent: 336m
Comments: 4
Views: 847

A walk around Swindale Bottom's Valley Trail.

Attachment(s) Date walked: 17/01/2020
Distance: 14.66km
Ascent: 405m
Views: 506

A three dales winter walk in the Lake District.

Attachment(s) Date walked: 10/01/2020
Distance: 15.2km
Ascent: 749m
Comments: 2
Views: 623

An alternative way off Great Crag.

Attachment(s) Wainwrights: Grange Fell, Great Crag
Date walked: 08/01/2020
Distance: 10.25km
Ascent: 724m
Comments: 2
Views: 811


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Location: Near Appleby - Cumbria
Activity: Mountaineer
Mountain: Blencathra
Gear: Map, compass, waterproofs
Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS35
Ideal day out: A good mixed walk with scrambling leading to a good ridge walk.

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