It's A Beautiful Day - Beinn Bheula

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn Bheula
Date walked: 28/12/2014
Distance: 15.2km
Ascent: 1035m
Comments: 7
Views: 4937

The (Munro) Boys are Back In Town - Pair of Crianlarich Tops

Attachment(s) Munros: Cruach Àrdrain, Stob Binnein
Date walked: 26/12/2014
Distance: 20km
Ascent: 2065m
Comments: 3
Views: 4070

Three Times a Lady - Sgiath Chuil on Xmas Day

Munros: Sgiath Chùil
Date walked: 25/12/2014
Distance: 14.6km
Ascent: 975m
Comments: 4
Views: 3552

Wild Is The Wind - Loch Eil Corbetts

Corbetts: Sgùrr an Utha, Stob Coire a' Chearcaill
Date walked: 21/12/2014
Distance: 25km
Ascent: 1733m
Comments: 4
Views: 3375

Killin me softly - Trial by Ice and Wind

Corbetts: Beinn nan Oighreag, Meall nam Maigheach
Date walked: 14/12/2014
Distance: 28.3km
Ascent: 1634m
Comments: 12
Views: 5529

Braemar Corbetts and the first snow of the season

Attachment(s) Munros: Beinn Bhrotain
Corbetts: Càrn na Drochaide, Sgòr Mòr
Date walked: 07/12/2014
Distance: 40.2km
Ascent: 1979m
Comments: 7
Views: 4322

Mist in Mull, Fogbows up Creran Way

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Creach Bheinn (Loch Creran), Dùn da Ghaoithe
Grahams: Sgùrr Dearg
Date walked: 30/11/2014
Distance: 41km
Ascent: 3092m
Comments: 7
Views: 4831

A Nip up The Fara

Corbetts: The Fara
Date walked: 23/11/2014
Distance: 20.7km
Ascent: 1042m
Comments: 5
Views: 3419

Thirst for Three Northern Corbetts

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn a' Chaisteil (Strath Vaich), Càrn Bàn , Càrn Chuinneag
Date walked: 20/11/2014
Distance: 51km
Ascent: 2518m
Comments: 8
Views: 4722

1, 2

Dazzling November Sunshine in Glen Etive

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn Maol Chaluim, Stob Dubh
Date walked: 16/11/2014
Distance: 22.2km
Ascent: 2060m
Comments: 17
Views: 7488

"Top" Weekend in Tyndrum

Munros: Beinn Mhanach, Bidean nam Bian, Stob Coire Sgreamhach
Date walked: 09/11/2014
Distance: 35km
Ascent: 2710m
Comments: 7
Views: 5513

Some Perthshire Corbetts

Corbetts: An Dùn, Ben Vrackie, Maol Creag an Loch (A' Chaoirnich), Meall na Leitreach
Date walked: 02/11/2014
Distance: 46km
Ascent: 2567m
Comments: 3
Views: 3691

Blown Over in Glen Clova

Corbetts: Ben Gulabin, Ben Tirran, Mount Battock
Date walked: 26/10/2014
Distance: 36.5km
Ascent: 2157m
Comments: 10
Views: 5210

Rainy weekend in Kinlochleven

Corbetts: Beinn a' Chrùlaiste, Glas Bheinn (Kinlochleven)
Grahams: Beinn na Cloiche
Date walked: 19/10/2014
Distance: 34.5km
Ascent: 2041m
Comments: 7
Views: 4652

Kinlochleven Corbetts

Corbetts: Garbh Bheinn (Loch Leven), Mam na Gualainn
Grahams: Tom Meadhoin
Date walked: 12/10/2014
Distance: 31km
Ascent: 2212m
Comments: 4
Views: 4535

Taking it easy in Galloway

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Merrick, Shalloch on Minnoch
Grahams: Lamachan Hill
Donalds: Curleywee, Kirriereoch Hill, Lamachan Hill, Merrick, Shalloch on Minnoch, Tarfessock
Date walked: 05/10/2014
Distance: 43km
Ascent: 2708m
Comments: 6
Views: 5713

Glen Roy & the Monadhliath

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn Iaruinn, Gairbeinn, Meall na h-Aisre
Grahams: Leana Mhór (Glen Roy East), Leana Mhór (Glen Roy West)
Date walked: 28/09/2014
Distance: 35km
Ascent: 2466m
Comments: 6
Views: 4369

Finding a little solace in Glen Kinglass

Attachment(s) Munros: Stob Ghabhar
Grahams: Beinn Suidhe
Date walked: 20/09/2014
Distance: 24km
Ascent: 1561m
Comments: 2
Views: 5808

Weasel's Cairngorm Tops Adventure

Attachment(s) Munros: Beinn a' Bhùird, Beinn a' Chaorainn (Cairngorms), Ben Avon, Ben Macdui, Cairn Gorm, Càrn a' Ghèoidh, Creag Leacach, Derry Cairngorm, Glas Maol, Sgòr Gaoith
Date walked: 13/09/2014
Distance: 185km
Ascent: 9582m
Comments: 12
Views: 10436

Braigh Nan Uamhachan

Corbetts: Braigh nan Uamhachan
Date walked: 08/09/2014
Distance: 18.6km
Ascent: 1245m
Comments: 1
Views: 1867

Rum Cuillin Traverse

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Ainshval, Askival
Grahams: Trallval
Date walked: 06/09/2014
Distance: 24.2km
Ascent: 2120m
Comments: 6
Views: 6879

Galloway Corbetts

Corbetts: Cairnsmore of Carsphairn, Corserine
Donalds: Cairnsmore of Carsphairn, Corserine, Meikle Millyea, Milldown
Date walked: 31/08/2014
Distance: 29.2km
Ascent: 1647m
Comments: 2
Views: 3904

Arran Magic - Glen Rosa Horseshoe

Corbetts: Beinn Tarsuinn, Caisteal Abhail, Cìr Mhòr, Goat Fell
Date walked: 30/08/2014
Distance: 26.1km
Ascent: 2153m
Comments: 9
Views: 7430

Sunart Sunshine

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn na h-Uamha, Beinn Resipol, Sgùrr Dhomhnuill
Grahams: Sgùrr a' Chaorainn
Date walked: 24/08/2014
Distance: 42km
Ascent: 2778m
Comments: 9
Views: 5005

Strontian Headaches

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Càrn na Nathrach
Date walked: 17/08/2014
Distance: 18km
Ascent: 1074m
Comments: 6
Views: 4271

Gairlochy Corbetts

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn Bhan (Great Glen), Geal Charn (Arkaig), Meall a' Phùbuill, Meall na h-Eilde
Grahams: Glas Bheinn (Loch Arkaig)
Date walked: 10/08/2014
Distance: 45km
Ascent: 2960m
Comments: 1
Views: 3155

Two Fine Horseshoes from Strontian

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Creach Bheinn (Morvern), Fuar Bheinn, Garbh Bheinn (Ardgour)
Grahams: Beinn Bheag (Ardgour), Beinn na Cille, Sgòrr Mhic Eacharna
Date walked: 02/08/2014
Distance: 29.5km
Ascent: 2970m
Comments: 10
Views: 5074

Tyndrum Corbetts

Attachment(s) Corbetts: Beinn a' Chaisteil (Auch), Beinn Chaorach, Beinn nam Fuaran, Beinn Odhar, Cam Chreag (Auch)
Date walked: 26/07/2014
Distance: 25.2km
Ascent: 2439m
Comments: 5
Views: 4353

Ben Arthur in the Evening

Corbetts: The Cobbler
Date walked: 23/07/2014
Distance: 11km
Ascent: 1019m
Comments: 4
Views: 6284

Nethy Bridge Weekend

Corbetts: Ben Rinnes, Càrn Mòr (Ladder Hills), Geal Charn (Dorback), Geal-charn Mòr
Date walked: 20/07/2014
Distance: 49.3km
Ascent: 2276m
Comments: 5
Views: 4380


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Location: Greenock
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Interests: Searching for meaning
Activity: Hill Bagger
Mountain: Foinaven
Place: Assynt and beyond
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Camera: iPhone 13 / Sony RX100
Ideal day out: A long walk that thrills, chills and makes me feel alive
Munro rounds: 2
Corbett rounds: 2
Graham rounds: 1

Munros: 270
Tops: 216
Corbetts: 147
Grahams: 165
Donalds: 86
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Islands: 28
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Distance: 2399 km
Ascent: 129611m
Munros: 135
Corbetts: 62
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Munros: 13
Corbetts: 2
Grahams: 8
Donalds: 2
Sub2000s: 190


Trips: 57
Distance: 2933 km
Ascent: 180392m
Munros: 11
Corbetts: 193
Grahams: 34
Donalds: 1
Sub2000s: 27


Trips: 61
Distance: 3090.77 km
Ascent: 206176m
Munros: 271
Corbetts: 16
Grahams: 10
Donalds: 9
Sub2000s: 32


Trips: 76
Distance: 2994.86 km
Ascent: 175243m
Munros: 67
Corbetts: 12
Grahams: 72
Donalds: 81
Sub2000s: 97
Hewitts: 13
Wainwrights 12


Trips: 78
Distance: 2035.42 km
Ascent: 124390m
Munros: 17
Corbetts: 4
Grahams: 142
Donalds: 71
Sub2000s: 24
Hewitts: 15


Trips: 68
Distance: 2453.94 km
Ascent: 164961m
Munros: 77
Corbetts: 126
Grahams: 17
Donalds: 8
Sub2000s: 2


Trips: 64
Distance: 2406.7 km
Ascent: 166291m
Munros: 109
Corbetts: 112
Grahams: 16
Donalds: 10


Trips: 64
Distance: 1894.46 km
Ascent: 127277m
Munros: 219
Corbetts: 17
Grahams: 4
Donalds: 3
Sub2000s: 1


Trips: 24
Distance: 254.33 km
Ascent: 16304m
Munros: 26
Corbetts: 5


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