Photo: Snowdon by Denis Egan

The Hewitts

The 2000 foot summits of England and Wales

The hills of England and Wales have been listed by several authors over the years. Most recently John and Anne Nuttall published a pair of books covering the ascents of all the peaks with at least 50 feet of reascent, but this draws in a large number of bumps and insignificant tops.

The most satisfactory recent list in our opinion was originally compiled by Alan Dawson in his book, the Relative Hills of Britain, using a minimum reascent figure of 30 metres; this gives 317 summits in England and Wales, hills which Dawson originally named the Sweats (Summits - Wales and England Above Two thousand). The name Hewitts has now become the accepted term for these hills. The full Hewitts actually include the 2000 hills of Ireland too (it stands for Hills of England, Wales, Ireland above Two Thousand), but we simply use the summits of England and Wales here.

Our Hewitts facility isn't just for Baggers, but aims to provide you instead with the means to record your walking experiences and share with others. By having the list of hills, other users can search for reports for any specific hill and will see the list of routes that others have used.

Our logging system for these mountains allows you to record which you have climbed on your own personal Hewitt map and also to read and share your own and other walkers experiences on each hill through trip reports. You can upload your photos to your trip reports, or even a tracklog of your route taken from your GPS which will appear in your post as an Ordnance Survey map with the route you took marked on.

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