Visitor Attractions in Kintail and Lochalsh

Glenelg Brochs, Glenelg

Glenelg Brochs    Glenelg

Glenelg is the site of the two best preserved brochs on the Scottish mainland: Dun Telve and Dun Troddan. These structures, dating from the iron age, are thought to have been refuges for people and animals during times of attack. The Glenelg brochs state of repair is a testimony to the skill of their builders; Dun Telve still stands to a height of over thirty feet, and the remains of the stairway between the walls are easily seen.

Seaprobe Atlantis, Kyle of Lochalsh

Seaprobe Atlantis    Kyle of Lochalsh

The Seaprobe Atlantis Semi - Submersible Glass Bottom Boat offers an experience no other boat can match. You can enjoy all the scenery and wildlife, above and below the waves, in perhaps the most beautiful part of the Highlands of Scotland - the Isle of Skye and Lochalsh. Sailing from Kyle of Lochalsh, all our trips explore through the rich diversity of marine life in the Marine Special Area of Conservation in Loch Alsh and beyond.

Plockton (conservation village), Lochalsh

Plockton (conservation village)    Lochalsh

Plockton is a delightful former crofting village, known as the Jewel of the Highlands. It featured in the cult film 'The Wicker Man' as well as more recently having the starring role in the BBC series, Hamish Macbeth.

The history of the village belies its quaint appearance today. It was built in 1832 by local landowner Sir Hugh Innes when he cleared his estates of his tenants. He encouraged the displaced crofters to fish but the herring soon deserted these shores; Plockton became known in Gaelic as Baile na Bochdainn - the village of the poor.

Calums Seal Trips, Plockton

Calums Seal Trips    Plockton

A warm welcome awaits you from Calum and his crew on the Sula Mhor, who are waiting to take you on a sail to see the seals and view the finest scenery in the world. The Sula Mhor is fully licensed and insured for fifty passengers. There is full rain cover in the event of inclement weather. She carries a life raft and full safety equipment and has a qualified local skipper who grew up sailing these waters. Free if no seals!.

Treeroot Studio, Plockton

Treeroot Studio    Plockton

As you enter the picturesque village of Plockton in the North West Highlands of Scotland, Treeroot Studio is located on Ceann An Uib (meaning Head of the Creek). I specialise in designing and creating quality, hand crafted, moderately priced items of jewellery, incorporating:- sterling silver; wire; a range of unusual beads including, natural eg lava and sea bamboo, semi-precious gemstone, crystal and glass; and other components using different techniques. You can also buy paintings by established artists like Gwen Black or by emerging talent such as Emma Noble; Patricia Shone ceramics; hand turned wooden items; Tina MacLeod stationery and other crafts and photographs.

Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie

Eilean Donan Castle    Dornie

One of the most photographed castles in the world and an icon of Scotland, Eilean Donan is a must visit during any holiday in the area. It featured in the film Highlander and more recently in the BBC weather graphics. You can explore almost all parts of the castle from the banqueting hall to the bedrooms as the castle was completely restored in 1932.

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Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. Information is provided free of charge; it is each walker's responsibility to check it and navigate using a map and compass.