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Monthly Archives: September 2019

12 islands at the edge of Scotland


Do you ever have the feeling that you really want to get away from it all? Here’s our pick of some of Scotland’s furthest flung island locations… Foula The incredibly remote outpost of Foula is particularly chancy to reach –

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Farming and crofting in the Cairngorms National Park

Anne Rae MacDonald is a board member of the Cairngorms National Park, and a partner in a family farming business in Easter Ross. She is also a member of Scotland’s Women in Agriculture Taskforce set up in 2017 by the Scottish

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To Know Being, the Final Grace

Cameron McNeish examines the lessons he has learned from Nan Shepherd’s writings NAN SHEPHERD, the woman-on-the-five-pound-note, was a reasonably successful novelist and poet but her work as a ‘geopoet’, if I may use such a term, has been widely acclaimed by literature

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