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Map of bird poisoning hotspots

The Scottish Government has produced a new map showing where birds of prey have been poisoned over the last five years. The map is the start of a new emphasis folllowing the shake up of the Partnership for Action against

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Scouts help rescue climber on Cairn Gorm

A climber in trouble on Cairn Gorm was rescued by a group of Scouts from Wiltshire on a New Year trip. The 29 year-old woman had fallen and broken her leg high on the mountain. Neil Wills, the leader of

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Missing climbers found after freezing night

Two climbers who were reported missing after failing to return to Glenmore near Aviemore have been found alive and well by the RAF rescue team from Lossiemouth. The men were located from their torchlights during a helicopter search of the

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Scottish beaver escapes in Devon

One of the 17 beavers due to be re-introduced in the Knapdale Forest in Argyll later this year has made a bid for freedom from his temporary home in Devon. The 40kg male European beaver escaped from his quarantine enclosure after

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