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Scottish Land Fund allows Moffat to buy local hill

A Dumfriesshire community is poised to take control of its local woodland, thanks to a £171,622 Scottish Land Fund award. The award to Moffat Community Woodlands is one of the first to be made from the newly re-launched Scottish Land

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Political Priorities

VERY few folk would have been surprised if the SNP had not been the dominant party in the recent Scottish election but what should the new Scottish Government’s priorities be for the next five years? The SNP manifesto was fairly

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Full nest for Perthshire ospreys as third chick hatches

The nesting pair of ospreys at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve near Dunkeld have hatched their third chick of 2016. Volunteers at the reserve got their first glimpse of the chick just after 1pm today

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Tick Tock its that time of year again

With winter hardly gone from the mountains, mountain safety experts are advising walkers and climbers: “Tick the Munros – just don’t let the Munros tick you!” Those perennial pests of the Scottish hills and countryside are back. And while the

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In pictures: Black Grouse lek

Once seen, the sight of a black grouse in the hills is rarely forgotten. One of Scotland’s four grouse species (the others are red grouse, ptarmigan and capercaillie), the Black Grouse was a game bird but after years of decline

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The badger, the seal and the hare – a lesson in wildlife watching

The badger It’s dim. Though the days are getting longer the spring light is fading fast and I will soon be staring into darkness. I need to look to my right but I daren’t move my head, so I move

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