Enjoying Scotland's forests safely

Scotland's forests are great places to explore with opportunities to see outstanding wildlife, discover some breathtaking views or enjoy peace and solitude.

Most forests in Scotland are managed to produce trees for timber and this means there may sometimes be potentially dangerous operations ongoing within the forest such as tree felling or road construction.

Scotland's foresters want you to keep safe and will on occasions ask that you avoid certain areas or take extra care when passing through areas with ongoing operations.

A tree harvester for example can have a danger zone of 100 metres which can mean you could be at risk before you can actually see the machine. This is down to the risk of the saw chain breaking and bits flying off at the speed of a bullet.

Log stacks may look tempting to climb on, especially for children, but they are often slippy and logs do roll down potentially crushing and breaking bones.

So please watch out for and observe signs asking for your co-operation. They are there to help keep you safe.

Where practicable foresters will try to provide and sign diversion routes but often diversions either just don't exist, for example where there are no other tracks or it is impracticable due to the significant cost of creating a new temporary route.

We know it seems tempting to walk on past the signs but do you really know what is happening ahead and what risks that holds?

Please come and enjoy Scotland's forests but please stay safe.

This page was provided by Tilhill Forestry.

Safety and skills information is provided courtesy of Mountaineering Scotland