Shetland walks

Shetland is Britain's most northerly island group, so far north that it is shown on many maps in an inset.

Although the highest point is only 450m, Shetland is magnificent terrain for walkers, especially those who wish to explore away from the beaten track. The islands offer much of the best UK coastal walking, with superb cliffs, spectacular natural arches, towering sea stacks and caves. Shetland is renowned especially for its seabirds, perhaps the finest place for these in all Europe, but it has a dense population of otters too, many seals and perhaps your best chance to see killer whales or other giants of the deep. Yet another attraction are the archaeological remains found here - a true treasure trove of prehistory.

Map of Shetland derived from SVG map of Scotland by Eric Gaba; licenced under CCSA.

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