King's Seat

Region: Perthshire

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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King's Seat is towards the western end of the Sidlaws, and lies in Perthshire. One of its foothills to the west is Dunsinane - the location of Macbeth's castle in Shakespeare.

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King's Seat via Dunsinane from Collace

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  18/07/2013  1 S1
  04/11/2012  1 S1
  29/02/2012  1 S1
  23/01/2012  1 S1
  01/01/2012  1 S1
  28/06/2014  0 S1
  16/11/2013  0 S1
  05/05/2012  0 S1
  13/11/2010  0 S1

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