Comb Law

Photo ©Chris Wimbush
Shown under CC licence

Region: Glasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark

Altitude: 645 metres

Rank: 70th

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Comb Law is set in the southernmost reaches of Lanarkshire, above the Daer reservoir. It can be included in an ascent of its higher neighbour, Ballencleuch Law.

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There are 13 public user walk reports for Comb Law

walk reports for Comb Law

Title AuthorDate walked LikesHills
  28/04/2013  6 G2
  07/01/2018  5 G2
  11/04/2017  4 G2
  24/06/2017  2 G2
  04/03/2017  2 G2
  17/04/2016  2 G2
  05/09/2016  1 G3
  28/03/2016  1 G2
  21/09/2014  1 G2
  08/06/2016  0 G2
  29/05/2016  0 G1
  21/03/2013  0 S1
  01/04/2012  0 G1

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