Can you help support Walkhighlands?

Walkhighlands website and app are free for everyone and anyone to use.

We don't charge a subscription as it would be a barrier for newcomers to the outdoors, and for those who cannot afford to pay.

If you feel you've benefitted from Walkhighlands and would like to support us so we continue to be available for everyone, we rely on monthly donations by direct debit to maintain and expand Walkhighlands.

Times are hard for everyone just now and understandably some can no longer afford to support us. Our own costs have risen very sharply and we've also invested heavily in providing an app. All new donations are very gratefully received - and thankyou to all those who donate already.

We don't want anyone to contribute to Walkhighlands who cannot afford it.

But if you can afford a few pounds each month, feel you have benefitted from Walkhighlands and would like others to be able to, you can help support Walkhighlands.

Walkhighlands provides a free service for Scotland's walkers, including Ordnance Survey mapping, detailed walking route descriptions and a community forum where users can share their experiences. We refuse to allow marketers or advertisers to track or profile you, or to run intrusive advertising. Our feature articles and all our community section are advert free. We accept only classified listings which may be of use to visitors, and local sponsors for individual walks and areas.

We've always wanted to run a Walkhighlands that is open to everyone and anyone to use. Donations help us to run the site, keep the walking routes up to date, run and update our own mapping server, app, columns and articles, and fund ongoing maintenance, hosting and other costs, as well as plan and fund future developments.

Donate by monthly direct debit

Donating by direct debit keeps admin costs to a minimum and allows us to better plan for a sustainable future for Walkhighlands. Just donating the price of a coffee each month makes a real difference. All donation payments by direct debit are taken on or shortly after the 1st of each month.

Donate each month:

You can cancel direct debits at any time most easily by cancelling them with your bank or GoCardless.

Donating by direct debit keeps costs to a minimum and enables us to plan ahead. If you'd prefer to instead make a one-off donation via a credit or debit card you can do so via Paypal on this link.

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Walking can be dangerous and all walkers must take personal responsibility for their own safety. You should always carry a backup means of navigation and not rely on a single phone, app or map. Walkhighlands strives to provide accurate information but cannot accept responsibility for changes, errors or omissions.