Beinn Tharsuinn (Ardross)

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Region: Ullapool

Altitude: 692 metres

Rank: 113th

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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This Beinn Tharsuinn is a very extensive rounded hill to the north of Ardross. Its position makes it a viewpoint for the Dornoch and Cromarty Firths. It has two summits of equal height, one marked with a trig point, and the other eight hundred meters to the northwest. The northeastern shoulder is the site of a windfarm.

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Beinn Tharsuinn from Strath Rory

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  03/02/2012  14 G1
  10/03/2015  3 G1
  09/11/2013  3 G1
  14/03/2017  2 G6
  24/06/2009  2 G1
  14/03/2015  0 G1
  27/08/2010  0 G1

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