Creag Ruadh (Kinloch Laggan)

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Region: Cairngorms

Altitude: 622 metres

Rank: 201st

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Creag Ruadh is an unremarkable summit to the north of Kinloch Laggan. Its northeast ridge is the only part frequently visited, with a walk through Black Wood to Dun da Lamh fort being popular.

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There are 149 Walkhighlanders who have climbed Creag Ruadh (Kinloch Laggan). They have contributed 8 public walk reports including this summit. These are ordered below with the most popular ones first. The rightmost column shows how many summits were included in their report, which may help you to find the most relevant reports.

Title AuthorDate walked LikesHills
  21/12/2017  3 G1
  19/09/2012  3 G1S1
  24/02/2018  2 G1
  23/03/2014  1 G1
  20/05/2011  1 G1
  30/07/2019  0 G1
  11/02/2017  0 G2
  28/10/2016  0 G1

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