Sgurr na Coinnich

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Region: Isle of Skye

Altitude: 739 metres

Rank: 33rd

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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Sgurr na Coinnich and its neighbour Beinn na Caillich are a familiar sight on the final approach to the Skye bridge on the drive through Lochalsh. Few can name the pair, however, but they give great views on a round from Kylerhea.

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Kylerhea hill circuit

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  24/04/2014  8 G2
  30/07/2013  4 G2
  01/06/2016  2 G2S1
  26/05/2012  2 G4
  27/09/2015  1 G2S1
  13/04/2015  0 G2S1

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