Shee of Ardtalnaig

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Region: Perthshire

Altitude: 759 metres

Rank: 3rd

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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The Shee of Ardtalnaig is a steep-sided ridge dividing two deep glens, with Ciste Buidhe a'Chlaidheimh the name of its summit. The usual ascent route is from Ardtalnaig on the south side of Loch Tay. It can be combined with the Corbett Creagan na Beinne.

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  26/02/2017  12 G17S1
  14/06/2015  7 M1C3G1
  07/02/2015  4 G1
  16/03/2013  3 C1G1
  30/05/2015  2 C1G1
  16/01/2016  1 C1G1
  30/11/2013  1 C1G1
  02/04/2010  1 C1G1
  24/06/2016  0 G1
  27/09/2015  0 G1
  30/08/2011  0 G1

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