Ben Aslak

Region: Isle of Skye

Altitude: 609 metres

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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A recent survey by Alan Dawson has confirmed that Ben Aslak just misses Graham status, the lowest of the three Kylerhea hills. It can be climbed either from the summit of the Bealach Udal, or via its long east ridge which sweeps down to Kylerhea.

Detailed route description and map

Kylerhea hill circuit

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Title AuthorDate walked LikesHills
  24/04/2014  8 G2
  30/07/2013  4 G2
  01/06/2016  2 G2S1
  26/05/2012  2 G4
  27/09/2015  1 G2S1
  13/04/2015  0 G2S1
  11/10/2009  0

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