Eaval (North Uist)

Region: Outer Hebrides

Altitude: 347 metres

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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Eaval (or Eabhal) is the highest hill on North Uist and is well defened by a moat of lochans and bog.

Detailed route description and map

Eaval from Loch Euphort

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walk reports for Eaval (North Uist)

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  23/08/2009  2 S1
  24/08/2017  1 S1
  08/08/2017  1 S1
  28/07/2011  1 S1
  13/07/2011  1 S1
  16/08/2010  1 S3
  30/05/2010  1 S1
  17/08/2016  0 S1
  05/08/2015  0 S1
  25/07/2012  0 S1

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