Healabhal Mhor

Photo ©canisp

Region: Isle of Skye

Altitude: 471 metres

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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Healabhal Mhor may be the larger of Macleod's tables judged by the area of the summit plateau, but it is a little lower and the views are not up to the stanard of its neighbour.

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There are 6 public user walk reports for Healabhal Mhor

walk reports for Healabhal Mhor

Title AuthorDate walked LikesHills
  14/05/2017  5 S7
  16/10/2013  2 S2
  05/09/2017  0 S2
  29/08/2013  0 S1
  18/12/2009  0 S2
  21/08/2008  0 S2

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