Sheabhal (Barra)

Region: Outer Hebrides

Altitude: 383 metres

Summit view: Open virtual summit

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Sheabhal (Heaval) is the highest hill on beautiful Barra and rises conveniently close to Castlebay.

Detailed route description and map

Heaval, from Castlebay

There are 8 public user walk reports for Sheabhal (Barra)

walk reports for Sheabhal (Barra)

Title AuthorDate walked LikesHills
  25/07/2011  7 S2
  02/05/2017  1 S1
  08/08/2013  1 S1
  05/08/2013  1 S1
  08/07/2011  1 S2
  09/09/2010  1 S1
  26/08/2009  1 S7
  16/07/2009  1 S1

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