Hotels on the Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa, near Craignure
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Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa    near Craignure

The Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa sits on the crescent of Craignure Bay and enjoys stunning views over to Morvern and the rugged west coast.It is located within a few hundred yards of the main ferry terminal.so access is easy either by car or on foot with a shoreline path leading to the hotel.Almost all the bedrooms benefit from the superb outlook and guests can also make use of the extensive leisure facilities and spa.

Park Lodge Hotel, Tobermory
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Park Lodge Hotel    Tobermory

Park Lodge Hotel is a modern family run hotel in the upper part of Tobermory the property offers modern accommodation for todays travellers the hotel has a large dinning room and a large lounge ideal for putting your feet up after a long day or just meeting friends for a drink .

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