Glen Esk Green Cow stolen

The Glen Esk Green Cow, a popular fixture in the Angus Glen, appears to have been stolen. The large green papier-mache cow was last seen on 17 September when tourists were noticed taking photos of it.

In appealing for helping tracing the animal, the Green Cow’s owners, the Henderson family, have issued the following statement:

“For several years now, the Green Cow has grazed happily in the most isolated field in Glen Esk. She was brought there by John Henderson, an Edinburgh financier, who took pity on the animal’s plight when he found her parked miles from any pasture in a concrete Edinburgh enclosure.  A contented creature, easy to care for, of unimpeachable temperament, the Green Cow brought pleasure not only to her saviour and to his young family but also to the far-flung residents of Glen Esk.  Her benign presence and her serenity seemed to embody the purity and beauty of Glen Esk itself.  The fact that she was able to graze at a standstill only enhanced her godly aura. 

“Personally speaking,” Mrs Henderson utters darkly, “I am waiting for a ransom note.” 

To date, little information has been found about the Green Cow’s disappearance.  The ‘crime scene’ shows no trace of a struggle.  The night air has revealed little in the way of plaintive mooing.  In the local police station in Brechin, the file marked ‘Green Cow Disappearance’ remains empty. But the Henderson family – and the Glen Esk admirers of the Green Cow – are refusing to lose hope. “After all,” they say, “who else is there out there who is going to be able to offer a papier-maché statue a field entirely to itself?” 

Anyone with information about the current whereabouts of the Green Cow can email Walkhighlands and we will pass on the details.

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