Scottish Midge Forecast back for 2013



The Scottish Midge Forecast has relaunched for its' ninth season, mapping midge levels across Scotland to help people plan their outdoor activities.

Using a set of algorithms relating midge activity to a variety of environmental and seasonal factors, the forecast is supported by live catch data from a network midge traps operated by volunteers across the country.

The Midge Forecast says, “Since it was first trialled in 2004, the midge forecasting system has proven to be as accurate as other established forecasts such sun and pollen indexes.

“As the forecast uses historical midge catch data – which is continuously verified with catch and weather data from a network of midge-collection traps and Skye Instruments mini-weather stations – it can forecast midge activity for any part of Scotland as far ahead as weather forecast data is available.”

The forecast is available online and also via an iPhone app and records midge levels on a scale of 1 – 5. The current forecast is for negligible levels of midges in most areas apart from a forecast of level 3 in the Glencoe area.

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